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Are you the most active person you know?

youcantflexcardioyoucantflexcardio Posts: 545Member, Premium Member Posts: 545Member, Premium Member
The title says it all...

I actually just realized this reading another thread. I have a couple cousins who lift and a few other family members out there that do active things but in my immediate family and social circle, I am by far the most active one. Curious how others on here stack up.


  • sammidelvecchiosammidelvecchio Posts: 594Member Member Posts: 594Member Member
    I probably log the most hours per week exercising out of everyone I know, but I only walk so it takes me more time to burn those calories. I also hike on the weekends quite often and I don't know anyone who gets outside activity as much as I do. I have a friend who does circuit training classes that I'd probably consider more active than me, but i'm definitely up there.
  • sardelsasardelsa Posts: 8,322Member Member Posts: 8,322Member Member
    Absolutely not.
  • MaxxittMaxxitt Posts: 1,084Member Member Posts: 1,084Member Member
  • acpgeeacpgee Posts: 4,030Member Member Posts: 4,030Member Member
    Nope. I do an hour of cardio a day but I have friends who are triathletes. I even have friends whose retired parents do long distance competitions who have training regimes more strenuous than mine.
  • amusedmonkeyamusedmonkey Posts: 9,644Member Member Posts: 9,644Member Member
    Not by a long shot. Mom is the most active person I know. She can't sit still and has to find some kind of work to do. Followed by my sister who likes all kinds of sports. I'm lazy. I do move a lot, but I would choose inactivity most of the time given the choice. Lucky I like food, which motivates me to keep moving.
  • candylilacscandylilacs Posts: 471Member Member Posts: 471Member Member
    No! I have a friend who swims about five miles a day, and hikes.
  • youcantflexcardioyoucantflexcardio Posts: 545Member, Premium Member Posts: 545Member, Premium Member
    I'm not even THAT active, I just lift or cycle an hour a day and have hobbies like snowboarding and hiking and what not. And I work a moderate labor job.
  • ahoy_m8ahoy_m8 Posts: 1,872Member Member Posts: 1,872Member Member
    Definitely not. My brother just completed the Breck Epic, a 6-stage bike race in and around Breckenridge, CO. It's not exactly flat terrain around there so some stages are pretty tough. He trained for 6 months, but aside from that, he has a very active mountaineering lifestyle. His SO does ultra marathons. One cousin has done a couple marathons, and another plays tennis regularly (she's super fit). My daughter was a nationally ranked youth rock climber (2-3 hr workouts 6 days/wk) until she went to college, and she is still pretty active. Actually, all 3 daughters in college get lots of steps just getting to class before doing any intentional exercise. I'm super consistent with my exercise regimen, but it adds up to only 1h-1.5 hr/day max (and not all at the same time). I sit/recline a lot for the remaining 23 hrs. Teachers, retail workers, restaurant workers... there are a lot of jobs that require a lot more activity than I get daily. So for me - no.
  • peachvine29peachvine29 Posts: 270Member Member Posts: 270Member Member
    Friends: No. I have a friend who is is probably around the same as me active-wise, sometimes it's me more active, sometimes it's her. This weekend we went to two yoga classes together, she actually went to two more (two classes each day!). My boyfriend likes to run, we ran two miles together on Saturday and then he went trail running for ten miles after that while I did yoga.

    Family: Yes! My sister is usually pretty active but has been pregnant the last 2/4 years, or raising a baby. Other than that my family does not really work out or prioritize fitness/health. Mom, dad, stepmom, and stepsisters all smoke, don't try to eat too healthy.
  • jenncornelsenjenncornelsen Posts: 859Member Member Posts: 859Member Member
    Yes, my family is fairly sedentary, my husband is on the same program i am so I would say were equal. Most my friends are not that active besides walking on occasion.
  • COGypsyCOGypsy Posts: 431Member, Premium Member Posts: 431Member, Premium Member
    Not even close. I live in a state where outdoor life is popular all year round. Hiking, biking, skiing, and who knows what else are huge. I do none of those things. I do my time at the gym and depending on the season and the pollen levels, may take a walk or something, but that’s about it for me.
  • ExistingFishExistingFish Posts: 896Member Member Posts: 896Member Member
    Probably, give or take a little. Maybe a tie.

    I work remotely, some of my coworkers are probably about as active as me but in different ways. Runners, mostly.

    Among those whom I am close to physically, definitely.
  • nighthawk584nighthawk584 Posts: 896Member Member Posts: 896Member Member
    Im 54 and my sister who is in her 60s runs circles around me, but I am catching up ;)
  • aokoyeaokoye Posts: 2,986Member Member Posts: 2,986Member Member
    No, not at all. And that's even if we don't count rowing friends who do more non-rowing activities than I do. According to Strava, one of my previous professors averaged 9 hours a week on the bike over the past month and I know that's not counting all of his commutes (~1 hour each way).
  • DanpDanp Posts: 1,244Member Member Posts: 1,244Member Member
    Not even close. Not in a million years.

    I have friends whose idea of a 'holiday' is to trail the TdF and ride the stages a week behind, others who regularly participate in running festivals and their holiday destination is dictated on which cities marathon have accepted their application, and still others who are either in the gym lifting, cooking food to help fuel their time in the gym or talking about what they did during their last gym session and what they plan for their next gym session.
  • lorrpblorrpb Posts: 10,665Member Member Posts: 10,665Member Member
    I’m a beginner sprint triathlete. So no, lots of training buddies are far more active than me.
  • AnnPT77AnnPT77 Posts: 12,166Member Member Posts: 12,166Member Member
    I row on water or spin daily in season, plus some other more random active stuff, but I know a couple of people in their 70s & 80s who do more (and they're not toddling through it either, trust me). And that's not even getting into 20- to 60-something friends who are crossfitters, fitness instructors by occupation, triathletes, distance cyclists, daily swimmers, . . . .

    Me the most active person I know? Haha, no. Not even the most active kinda old person I know. :lol:
  • mcemino2mcemino2 Posts: 264Member, Premium Member Posts: 264Member, Premium Member
    Absolutely more active than anybody I know. Even the ones that are active don't come close.
  • rainbow198rainbow198 Posts: 2,002Member Member Posts: 2,002Member Member
    If I don't include people I know who play professional sports or who works in a sports or a physically active field full-time, I'm definitely the most active person that I know.

    I have a very sedentary job, but I workout daily sometimes twice a day and log in around 30 miles per week (3 - 5 miles per day) fitness walking - not steps and I do all other kinds of physical activity (classes, random bodyweight work, Youtube/fitness DVD's etc.)
  • LivingtheLeanDreamLivingtheLeanDream Posts: 12,301Member Member Posts: 12,301Member Member
    Yeah I am pretty much am... :smiley:
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