Do you try to be overly accurate while logging food.

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    Not sure at all what you mean by "overly accurate", but I am pretty sure I am a no by any practical definition. I weigh what I can and what is practical to weigh, but a lot of what I eat is prepared by others so it involves a lot of guessing. Sometimes I may be higher, sometimes I may be lower, but from personal experience it has worked out for me in the end.
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    right down to a piece of lettuce. it's helped me lose 77 lbs so far being this anal.
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    I do. I'm trying to make sure I get all my vitamins and minerals as well, so I want to make sure I track everything. Certain ingredients that may not contain much calories might contain alot of vitamins or minerals. Like lettuce on a sandwich. I want to know everything is accounted for so my body is working at it's best.
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    My food scale is only accurate to +/- 5g, which is probably more accurate than my step tracking hardware and the wide variety of calorie burn estimates they give me.

    I worry more about *consistency* than I do about *accuracy.* I keep plugging away and checking my results and recalibrating them to match my goals, and all that keeps me moving in the direction I want to go at varying rates of accomplishment.
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    I'm not accurate at all. There was a time where I was maybe 75% accurate, but that would only last a few days or weeks until I got fed up. I typically used MFP as a food diary and there was nothing wrong with that, worked very well for me.

    Now I don't track to lose, maintain or gain. Maybe the odd day or just protein to help me estimate in the future.
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    I try to be as accurate as possible and have logged exhaustively since July of 2017 after five years of logging less diligently. Most here would probably consider that to be overkill considering I've stayed within the "normal" weight range for the duration of my time here but I find it to still be a helpful and necessary tool to monitor and maintain my weight and work towards my fitness and physique goals.
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    Not 100% accurate, but I’m losing and that’s good enough for me until I am no longer losing, or gaining.
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    I try to be as accurate as I need to be to keep my weight where I want it. Some weeks/months that is more accurate than others.
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    I am just getting back into the swing of things again on here but def think that logging of any kind and being concious of what your eating and roughly how many calories your taking in is better than not logging at all. There are times that we make a large slow cooker of stew and I dont have the time or patience to weigh everything out as im cutting it up and throwing it in then figuring out once its all together and im dishing it out how much i have- and usually my husband cooks supper, so unless its something simple like chicken with brocoli that i can weigh and measure a half a cup of exactly that food item, i guestimate. But most things I eat during the day like toast and PB or yogourt, coffee etc are easy to get the exact amount so I know roughly what I am at and that I am doing better and making better choices than before.
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    About every 6 months I go back to logging every bite and being as accurate as possible for a week. It is a good refresher and it allows me to check my recent habits and see if I need to tighten anything down a little more. I almost always find at least 1 thing that I feel needs improvement.

    I am not sure everyone would share my definition of loosely logging so I don't want to say that but I am not 100 percent. I umbrella some things like chips. If you looked at my log you would think I ate Lay's potato chips and nothing else for months. I change the serving size to get the calories correct but all chips, Doritos, Cheetos, etc. are logged at Lay's.

    I also log averages on some lower calorie items. When I make a salad the carrots are logged at 70 grams even if the actual amount is slightly higher or lower. It is only if it is much higher that I change it. Some people eyeball some of those things but I weigh because I already have the bowl on the scale anyway.

    With all that said I lose weight slightly faster than my logged deficit (.2 pounds per week normally) so my system works for me. When/if the day comes that I do not lose as expected I am prepared to tighten down my logging.