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  • erjones11erjones11 Posts: 214Member Member Posts: 214Member Member
    I understand about the desire to go a little lower. I am thinking I would be better under 150 but am happy to be under 155 and willing to go real slow any further lower. I am working on recomp, lots of walks, strong cardio 3 to 4 days and weights 3 days. Feeling healthy!
  • beacon8beacon8 Posts: 23Member Member Posts: 23Member Member
    I can’t believe how your experience mirrors mine. Although I am one inch taller and older than you, the amount of time it took to lose, the amount of time in maintenance, our current weight and our struggle/success at the moment are the same. I can’t believe it. I just started doing hills on the treadmill and I am looking for ways to build up my strength as I do well with cardio 6 days per week. I have Multiple Sclerosis so I can’t do as much as I would like but my head is in the right place and I feel pretty strong despite everything. Thank you for your post. Beacon8
  • beacon8beacon8 Posts: 23Member Member Posts: 23Member Member
    Ps. My reply was to the posting right before mine. Thanks, Beacon8
  • pkweierpkweier Posts: 315Member Member Posts: 315Member Member
    Age: 61
    Total weight lost:200
    Time it took to lose:Started 1/2016
    How long in maintenance: 2 years
    Maintenance weight range:130-135

    Average weight recorded from January:131.75
    Average weight recorded from February:130.75
    Average weight recorded from March:132.1
    Average weight recorded from April:133.5
    Average weight recorded from May:132.5
    Average weight recorded from June:132.08
    Average weight recorded for July:132.15
    Average weight recorded for August: 132.15
    Average weight recorded for September: 132.28
    Average weight recorded for Oct 133.1

    Week of..
    Nov 3 131.8
    Nov 10 132.2
    Nov 17
    Nov 24

    Success(es)/struggle(s) of the week: Up a little this week. Was out a few days this week. Went a saw Come Away in NYC excellent play, then Friday saw Menopause at our local theater. I choose wisely and brought some home I know from past experience the salt in the meal makes me "gain". Have a great week everyone.
  • reversemigrationreversemigration Posts: 117Member Member Posts: 117Member Member
    Name: Ben
    Age: 51
    Height: 6'
    Total weight lost: ~55 lbs
    Time it took to lose: 8 months
    How long in maintenance: Since ~ December 2018
    Maintenance weight range: 165-170

    Average weight recorded for December:165.8
    Average weight recorded for January: 167.3
    Average weight recorded for February: 167.2
    Average weight recorded for March: 166.5
    Average weight recorded for April: 162.9
    Average weight recorded for May: 161.5
    Average weight recorded for June: 160.9
    Average weight recorded for July: 160.5
    Average weight recorded for August: 160.9
    Average weight recorded for September: 161.3
    Average weight recorded for October: 161.7

    Week of...
    November 3rd: 161.2 (trend 161.9)
    November 11th: 163.6 (trend 161.7)

    Success(es)/struggle(s) of the week: An expected jump in the scale after a salty meal eating out. Still, there were some of the mini-cycles of high- and low-calorie days lately that have characterized the last few weeks. There's a temptation that comes with, "hey, I know that I can eat all of the food tonight because I've been able to get back on track right afterwards" that's a slippery slope.

    @mtaratoot I appreciate the reality check. I think some of my frustration stemmed not just from the number of days I exercised, but also from having to push myself much harder than usual to get in what I did. I think it may be time to mix things up, exercise-wise, to help with that.

    Have a great week, everyone!
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