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bethjl96bethjl96 Posts: 14Member Member Posts: 14Member Member
For the past couple of weeks I have been tracking everything I eat logging all my exercise and doing what I feel is everything right with no results. I don’t really know why this is soooo....
For the next week I am going to just simply eat sensibly, do workouts without logging them and throw caution to the wind and see where it takes me. I’m hoping that it will have the same effect as women who struggle to get pregnant when they stop stressing about it is when it tends to happen. Maybe, just maybe if I don’t worry about it too much I will start losing weight!!
Wish me luck!


  • Muscleflex79Muscleflex79 Posts: 1,826Member Member Posts: 1,826Member Member
    most people get to the point of losing weight by throwing caution to the wind (as you say) and just eating whatever and hoping for the best - not surprising that doing that would not end in weight loss for you.

    you say you have been tracking your food - but have you been weighing every single thing? big difference.
  • mamaLBSdownmamaLBSdown Posts: 22Member Member Posts: 22Member Member
    I know for me, 2nd to working out, salt and sugar play a BIG role in my weight loss. Try restricting them, and see how it goes coupled with eating sensibly and working out. Taking out the processed food seriously helps on that count. Good luck hon =)
  • nighthawk584nighthawk584 Posts: 1,119Member Member Posts: 1,119Member Member
    Food scale. Buy one today and weigh everything you put in your mouth. Stay at your calorie deficit CONSISTENTLY and you will lose weight.
  • lgfrielgfrie Posts: 524Member, Premium Member Posts: 524Member, Premium Member
    Nothing wrong with taking a week off. As far as getting the train back on the tracks:

    1. Use the MFP goals tool to determine how many calories to eat everyday
    2. Get a food scale and weigh everything that goes into your mouth, to the gram
    3. Eat as closely to the MFP calorie goal as humanly possible for 4-6 weeks. Don't take any off-days or cheat meals. Never eat something without logging it. You need clean data, and any combination of off days, cheat meals, and unrecorded binging will make the entire data set worthless. Try not to be more than +/- 20 or 30 calories off from the MFP calorie goal each day. Really try to hit that number consistently.

    At the end of the period, you will either:

    - have lost approximately the target amount of weight, give or take 15 per cent (99 % likely scenario)
    - not have lost the target amount of weight, in which case you will be able to see what has to change. For instance, if you expected to lose 6 pounds but only lost 3, you'll know that you need to reduce your calories somewhat

  • CalgaryMacCalgaryMac Posts: 19Member, Premium Member Posts: 19Member, Premium Member
    Buddhism has some great ideas about moderation. One states "everything in moderation including moderation". Expectations about how much we need to lose, how we should lose the weight, the time frame for losing weight, etc. are all topics for conversation but expectations can be a trigger for emotional misery.
  • whmscllwhmscll Posts: 2,163Member Member Posts: 2,163Member Member
    CalgaryMac wrote: »
    “everything in moderation including moderation".

    Okay,moderation out the window for Thanksgiving and more PIE! 😀

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