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My weight loss Journey 1st November 2019

Shivneel23Shivneel23 Posts: 77Member Member Posts: 77Member Member

3 months ago ,l set myself a weight loss goal . All my life I been doing a half shred and bulks trying to figure out how I can eat as much as I can but still stay lean ,Like literally 😂 . So I came up with the idea of getting rid of as much fat as possible first and then try to gain muscle mass after .I really didn’t want to approach a personal trainer nor a nutritionist as I thought l knew everything on how to get there ..Well the basic fundamentals of it.

Clearly should have gone to the experts as they would have made the journey much more easier and enjoyable .But hey , Ya know me and my Ego problemsss🙋🏽‍♂️( Mr Know it All)😂.. Had to put whatever I’ve learnt so far to test 😋

I Achieved majority of my goals set on for the 12 weeks but Missed out on some major ones aswell 😞but overall it worked out for me pretty well for me I guess 🙂

Here are the overall highs and lows of my Goals ifyou’re up for a long read 😂:

1️⃣Drop Body Fat Percentage to 9%❌
Started my journey at 24% body fat as per Evolt 360 Dexta scanner .My aim was to get to 9% body fat 🙋🏽‍♂️ Sadly , only managed to get to 11.5% on my final scan on 1st Nov ❌😭 Really disappointed here as I had put a lot of effort on minimising my body fat and wanted to get to 9% soooo bad😑 So sooooo close yet so far away 😭. Probably it was too steep of a mountain to climb alone but Overall Happy as I have managed to shred 12.5 % of my bodyfat all by myself 😁

2️⃣ Scale Victory ✅
Started off at 104 kgs .Main objective here was to get to around 90 kgs . Didn’t necessarily put too much emphasis on the scale as my main focus was primarily on the body fat percentage .But Dangg Boy ! , This worked out on my favour so good 😬 Managed to get down the 83.1 Kgs on my final day .. lost 20.9 kgs all up boy !!! 😮😬..

3️⃣ Nutrition knowledge ✅
My goal here was to find food that I will enjoy on the shred for the 3 months ( In other words ,food that I can eat that wont make me throw up 🤢 😂) As they say ,80% of your body is made in the kitchen .I would say this was one of the most challenging aspects of my shred . Finding the right food that I can sustain on the long run . I spent countless hours trying to figure out what would work for me which could fit the macros I set for myself . The trial and error method got me good but I swear I appreciate every minute spent on the research as my knowledge on nutrition has broadened and finally found out food my my body can adhere .This was a win win all around 😊🕺🏻

4️⃣Leaning out and sticking on the plan for the whole Journey ✅
I always did a half-*kitten* job on cutting and bulking . I’m probably cutting for 5 minutes and nek minit ‘ I’m planning my major bulk ‘ 😂. My main aim here was to stay on’ for the whole 12 weeks until the very end . My god ! it was one of the toughest obstacle that I’ve faced so far in life .. the stress , The urge for KFC 🍗 😂😂, Magnum 🍦 🙋🏽‍♂️😂 sweet Mother nature !! 😂 .. Not gunna’ lie , I did give up a few times , but then motivated myself to get back on as I knew eventually it will be worth it . Well at the end ,I’ can surely tell you that this is one of my proudest accomplishment ever ☺️

5️⃣ Finding my Abs 💪🏼 ✅
Clearly everyone a bit chubs starts of their diet dreaming of getting a set of abs .Well some sort of definition on the abs area ,Right ? 😂 Aww well the majority of the people that I know do and I was Cleary one of them 😜🤣.. I knew getting a set of 6 pack abs from a beer belly would be mere impossible so I convinced myself to set a goal of having a flat stomach by the end with some sort of lines on it 🤔. I knew from the beginning that’ that region would be the last place the fat will go from . It takes a lot of will power to be patient here to see a flat belly .Cause As you stand there , see your arms and legs have pretty much ‘chickened’ out on the first half of the journey ,but them flat stomach is no where to be seen 😂 but hey you know Abs is priority right 😂😂 .. I’ll take the credit for this one as I can see visible lines on me now😉 .. l swear Super Duper proud on getting my flat belly 💪🏼😁

Those 5 were my major goals for this shred .Im honestly super proud of myself for this ..
(cause I get to take all the credit 😂😂)

Mentally ,physically and emotionally ,it was a huge challenge for me especially because I tried to do it all alone .😂 Mate, I’ll say it again ,The transition is much more easier with a P.T and Nutritionist if y’all tryna shred or gain Size .i’ve seen em’ get to there goals on a much more shorter time frame and much less effort than what I endured. BUT BUT you know mee , gotta make simple stuff complicated and a struggle cause I’m all about that life 😒😂 PLUS my the major contributor ‘MY EGO ‘ 😂😂😂

This Journey got me new friends too .Them fitness Experts , Personal Trainers and Fitness lovers .
All of them most probably saw me crying with my weight at the gym and must have been like ‘ Here boy .’ Here’s a free tip .it will help you stay on course ,Just please don’t cry , it makes you look more uglier 🤣🤣🤣” .. But Hey , Honestly Thank you everyone who knowingly , unknowingly helped me out here..I swear without y’all ,I’d still be #FatBoyProblems 😂😂😂

I’d do a before and after photo to show you my progress but TBH ,I want to live the moment for now ,so I’ll probably leave it for some other time 😂 This is mee now 🙋🏽‍♂️ No Longer that’ Fat but then again l still got em 💯 problems 😂😂

If you didn’t know by now .
And now son , You know ❗️🚶🏽‍♂️😂

Thank you for reading my crap 🙏🏽 🙂 My Rant is finally Finito ( I feel you here man Even I too thought I’d never stop 😂)

📍Just me doing meee 😊🚶🏽‍♂️
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