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Disappointing Realization of Maintenance Calories



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    At 140 my BMR is going to be 1202 kcals a day and my TDEE set at sedentary will be 1442.

    Don't be sedentary. Find a way to exercise. You should be exercising daily for health reasons anyway.
    Exercise = more food to eat.
    Problem solved...
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    I am an IT Manager, so I sit a lot of the day. I do try to walk between our 2 buildings which is about 3 blocks when the weather permits. I live in Houston, so it's not always possible to walk because it's just too hot. I do walk my dog in the evenings, but she is old and can't really walk that far or fast. I thought about joining a gym, but honestly after a 10 hour day and a 45 minute commute, by the time I get home I am just not in the mood to leave the house.

    Do you have a fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor? If not, you should invest in one. (Fitbit is a great option, very user-friendly.) I bet you're burning more calories than you realize. You'll be surprised.

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    Calculators only "estimate" what your cal limits should be to maintain your wt.

    Reality is somewhat different.

    Sometimes you go over and sometimes you go under and sometimes you have to adjust what the limit will be.

    You have full control over this by deciding what and how much you eat each day

    However, logging accurately everything you eat each day and weighing yourself daily is the key (at least for me) to make sure you maintain control over your wt whether you are trying to lose or maintain it
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    oocdc2 wrote: »
    I, too, found that my maintenance calories are around what my weight loss calories were.

    I'm probably going to get "Disagrees" piled on me, but IF really has made a difference for me. Same calories, nothing magical: I eat from 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm. This ensures two good-sized meals instead of three tiny ones with a lot of cheating at the end of the day, which I fell into for a while.

    I agree with everyone that exercise does allow more calorie consumption along with health benefits, but until you get into a routine, you may find having an eating window helpful.

    Same for me. I'm 52yo, 5'3", with a sedentary work and very gradually adding intentional exercice, after almost 30 years of no exercice at all. I'm a few pounds from my goal weight and (very slowly) losing at 1250 cal/day. I've found that eating after 2-3pm (except on Sunday, to have lunch with my family) makes a lot easier to be satisfied with such a low calorie allottement. I can snack when I come back from work, and have a good dinner with my family in the evening.
    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    Some people think they need to go at a punitive intensity every day to get benefits. That's the strategy that's most likely to be really exhausting. Start slowly, increase gradually, keep it energizing rather than exhausting: That would be my advice.

    Very good advice, imho. It's the approach I'm trying to use.

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    @AnnPT77 Happy Belated Birthday!
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