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Vegans, what did you eat today?



  • acpgeeacpgee Posts: 4,229Member Member Posts: 4,229Member Member
    I would like to incorporate some more meat-free meals into my diet. The problem I have is that I need to eat low carb due to a blood sugar issue - so my meals tend to be meat & veg. Does anyone have any ideas for this?

    For any asian stir fry, it is easy to replace the meat with seitan. In asian grocer's this is sold as "buddhist mock meat". But you can get seitan at Trader Joe's but it will probably be more expensive there. If rice has too high a glycemic index for you, replace with cauliflower rice (raw cauliflower blitzed in the food processor until it resembles rice grains).

    Here is an example of a seitan instead of beef recipe.
  • OrphiaOrphia Posts: 6,940Member Member Posts: 6,940Member Member
    I'm the OP again.

    I've been vegan over a week now. Yay!
  • redgrudge19redgrudge19 Posts: 9Member, Premium Member Posts: 9Member, Premium Member
    Hi everyone!! I’m inspired to see many non-vegans embracing vegan eating for health and other reasons. I’m a 10+year vegan. My diet is fairly repetitive, but I’m ok with that:). Yesterday I enjoyed delicious baked tofu and a great salad with chickpeas and nutritional yeast. I’ve switched recently away from so much tofu (one of my fave foods) to tempeh for calorie/fat reasons. Tempeh is amazing!! Happy vegan eating to you all!
  • ladyzherraladyzherra Posts: 150Member, Premium Member Posts: 150Member, Premium Member
    Great thread! I am vegan and have learned that to sustain it, I have to balance my meals so that I get enough protein and iron. I also need to supplement with b-12.
  • hesn92hesn92 Posts: 5,641Member Member Posts: 5,641Member Member
    I'm not a vegetarian or vegan but for breakfast I had oatmeal with brown sugar. Coffee. and for lunch I had baked sweet potatoes (2 of them, they were small) with jalapeno black beans, and mini sweet peppers and carrots dipped in ranch. Not vegan but yeah. I'm trying to cut down on my meat consumption for environmental reasons.
  • just_Tomekjust_Tomek Posts: 7,435Member Member Posts: 7,435Member Member
    Big *kitten* buddha bowl.
  • 33gail3333gail33 Posts: 234Member Member Posts: 234Member Member
    Mushroom & lentil stew (with carrots and spinach) for lunch with Breton white bean crackers. Left over from dinner last night and even better today. :)
  • OrphiaOrphia Posts: 6,940Member Member Posts: 6,940Member Member
    Ooh, thanks, for a while I forgot about the nutritional yeast I'd bought.

    Must look into some protein powder to give me more kilojoules.

    It seems I eat all day but I'm full, and still losing weight.

    I'm in maintenance, but this week my moving daily average weight has dropped 2 kg.

    (Probably not much of that would be body fat, but I'll be keeping a close eye on things.)
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