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Women 60+ Fighting for it!

talexander1837talexander1837 Posts: 4Member Member Posts: 4Member Member
Hi Ladies,
As you know, when you get a little older, your metabolism tries to sleep, but I'm fighting that "standard" as hard as I can.

I am fairly new to MyFitnessPal. I'm beginning my 6th week this week. I lost 9 pounds the first five weeks. I wish that it had been more, but I'm grateful for what I have accomplished so far. However, I want the results for the next 5 weeks to be better....even if it's my only 1 pound! Ten pounds in five weeks would be great! So I plan to add more cardio and more strength training.

If you are 60+ and struggling with a slow metabolism, reach out; maybe we can encourage one another and provide some metabolism-kicking tips.



  • AnnPT77AnnPT77 Posts: 12,704Member Member Posts: 12,704Member Member
    Congratulations on the speedy losses!

    I'm 64 and in maintenence, after losing from obese to healthy weight here a few years back (at 59-60).

    Nearly 2 pounds a week doesn't sounds slow at all! That's about the max rate compatible with reasonably minimizing health risk for all but the most seriously obese, and may even be too aggressive if under 200-something pounds.

    Your metabolism may be in pretty good shape, and it's a boon to keep it that way. Moderate loss rate is a good strategy for that. Others strategies are increasing muscle mass via strength exercise, and fostering more non-exercise movement in daily life, in addition to keeping exercise at a duration/intensity/frequency that's a little challenging, but keeps one energized (not exhausted) the rest of the time.

    Good balanced nutrition, especially adequate protein, is also a help. There's some preliminary research suggesting that our protein absorption declines as we age, so a bet-hedge is to spread good amounts through the day, rather than calling it more in one meal (even though nutrient timing, generally, isn't a big deal).

    Best wishes!
  • pamelatume7277pamelatume7277 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Your awesome. My 20 year old niece introduced me to app and this is day one. I may have a long road ahead, but it sure is great to have folks in my age range to encourage the path.
  • lindastanley82lindastanley82 Posts: 17Member Member Posts: 17Member Member
    Hi all - I'm back on myfitnesspal after a long absence. At 64, I'm discouraged that the number on the scale just keeps going up. None of my clothes fit unless it's exercise wear. I'm going to a nutritionist now and working on getting my thyroid working again. I'm re-learning healthy eating patterns. I have to admit that years of bad eating patterns have certainly contributed to the weight gain. And I'm going to the gym again on a regular basis. I know the weight won't drop off overnight but I'm determined to stay with this routine. I keep reading "slow and steady" is the way to go.
  • annliz23annliz23 Posts: 473Member Member Posts: 473Member Member
    I'm 57 it's taking a long while to achieve goals but steadily does it I suppose, good luck everyone
  • talexander1837talexander1837 Posts: 4Member Member Posts: 4Member Member
    Good luck everyone! It sounds like we are all in the same battle (lose weight, gain weight, dealing with years of bad eating habits), but this time, I am going to beat this! This app is working for me. WE ARE ALL GOING TO FIGHT THIS BATTLE AND WIN THIS TIME.

    I fell off the wagon over the Thanksgiving weekend (you notice I didn't say Thanksgiving Day...I messed up on Th, Fri, Sat, and Sun!), but came back hard at it on Monday. Thanks for all of the encouraging words and the tips. Hang in there everyone. We can do this!
  • annliz23annliz23 Posts: 473Member Member Posts: 473Member Member
    Dont worry I think this time of year is hard for weight loss, Halloween parties, bonfire nightbpartoes, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New years its s huge battle but stick with it you can do it just eat and drink in moderation and if you have a bad day then next have a good one slowly they counter balance themselves if you stick at it😀
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