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Regression Analysis

Whydahdad71Whydahdad71 Posts: 115Member, Premium Member Posts: 115Member, Premium Member
Hello, I was wondering if anyone here has ever used statistical analysis to predict weight loss? I am thinking of using a regression analysis model to see if it could be a tool that helps accurately predict weight loss...just thinking aloud.


  • Duck_PuddleDuck_Puddle Posts: 2,584Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,584Member, Premium Member
    Will your regression model account for the myriad of behavior changes that need to happen to facilitate most weight loss? Not everyone needs to make wholesale changes to achieve loss, but many do.

    Aside from all the things @PAV8888 mentioned, human behavior is what drives the results. For the most part, we know what we need to do to lose. We may not have the minutia figured out, we may not have figured out the specifics of a way we will enjoy eating, we may not have figured out the precise level and type of activity that is right for us-but we all know (deep down in our diet-pill buying hearts) we need to eat less and move more than we have been if we want to lose weight.

    Those who lose are the ones who have found a way to modify their behavior to do those things in a lasting and consistent way.

    That’s the predictor. What makes people change their behavior in a lasting way?
  • AnnPT77AnnPT77 Posts: 12,764Member Member Posts: 12,764Member Member
    I'm assuming (?) that weight loss (pounds or percent or rate or something) would be your dependent variable?

    What kinds of things do you think would be candidate independent variables?

    Why do you think regression analysis is the right tool? How do you think the regression model you are contemplating would complement the statistical underpinnings we already rely on: The stats behind TDEE/NEAT/BMR estimates, METS-based exercise estimates, tracker-based or HRM-based personalized calorie expenditure estimates, weight trending apps?

    Just curious.
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  • Whydahdad71Whydahdad71 Posts: 115Member, Premium Member Posts: 115Member, Premium Member
    I am not sure that it would be. I am just thinking about it as "another approach" that could be fun to implement.
  • happysquatterhappysquatter Posts: 33Member Member Posts: 33Member Member
    I say go ahead and do it. If you like data, it’s nice to play around with it. I’m always fiddling around with my own training, nutrition and body fat data.

    Keep in mind, it’ll only apply to you and your body will keep changing so the models predictive value won’t be that strong

    If nothing, everyone needs more Excel in their life. I say this seriously.
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