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You walk into a bar...

Reckoner68Reckoner68 Posts: 2,053Member Member Posts: 2,053Member Member
There is a mysterious elf sitting in the corner. The bartender is cleaning glasses with his apron and his spit.

The darkness is ominous.

The ale is more ominous.

There is a wizard hat and robe sitting on a table.


  • PaperDoll_PaperDoll_ Posts: 11,092Member Member Posts: 11,092Member Member
    I'm definitely putting on the wizard hat and robe.
  • mommabear4315mommabear4315 Posts: 923Member Member Posts: 923Member Member
    The doll had a weird smile as the she stole the wizard hat and roll little did she know that the wizard had peed on it earlier was letting it dry out. She smiled wickedly and left
  • happimess01happimess01 Posts: 2,200Member Member Posts: 2,200Member Member
    On her way out, she ran into a doctor who was wizard’s close friend. The wizard had been suffering from incontinence past few months and had asked the doctor to meet him in the bar.
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