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Daily Commitment Thread for 2020 -- JUST FOR TODAY



  • fairy_daisyfairy_daisy Member Posts: 247 Member Member Posts: 247 Member
    I’m so sorry to read about how many of you are having really tough times this year. I’m sending lots of virtual hugs and good wishes. I hope this is a good week for us all.

    JFT Monday: log everything, stay within calories.
  • SERmom3SERmom3 Member Posts: 568 Member Member Posts: 568 Member
    @clicketykeys - I love seeing “Hamilton July 3rd” on your list! I’ve been obsessed with the show for years. I got to see it when it came to Boston a couple years ago. So good! Have you seen it on stage? I’m looking forward to the release on the 3rd so my girls can see it finally.

    - Fence! 🟢
    - Haircut for DH🟢
    - Financial stuff🟢
    - Keep up with housework🟢

    DH and I made a lot of progress on the fence project! I think we worked for 9 hours both days. We are waiting for some hardware to get delivered so we can’t finish it yet, but all of the posts are up and we’re prepped as much as possible.

    Yesterday I spent the majority of the day shoveling dirt. I’ve been weight lifting since April and I really think it helped with this project. I feel so strong! I literally shoveled for hours and today I don’t even feel sore.

    Even though my weight hasn’t gone down lately, (I’ve basically maintained since the beginning of the year), it’s good to feel like the work I’m putting in is making a difference.

    - Log everything / stay green
    - Exercise
    - Meal plan / grocery list
    - Housework
    - E - book club meeting @ 9
    - S - softball practice @ 6:15
    - Prep July budget
    - Continue clearing gmail

    Be well! 💕
  • SERmom3SERmom3 Member Posts: 568 Member Member Posts: 568 Member
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  • TerriRichardson112TerriRichardson112 Member Posts: 12,585 Member Member Posts: 12,585 Member
    I choose to feed my body the nutrition it needs and feed my mind with the quality thoughts it deserves
    To all those essential workers still going out there....
    🙏🏻 Thank you for your service 🙏🏻
    Everyone else, please stay home!!!

    What am I doing to keep busy? To name a few...
      [*] working on a Memories Project for my grandson
      [*] structuring my day
      [*] morning and evening meditation
      [*] Using the internet to ‘talk’ to family
      [*] crochet, jigsaws, journaling, gardening, reading, writing .......
      [*] HIIT videos off YouTube,
      [*] yoga/Taichi
      [*] Walks with DH
      [*] Cleaning! Cleaning! Cleaning! 😂
      [*] Decluttering
      [*] Stress relievers (search YouTube for Paul McKenna)

      Keep your chin up!
      Turning up is the ultimate success!
      2019 DISCARD 5 LBS CHALLENGES:01 Aug 2019: 170.1
      31 Dec 2019: 151.2
      Total weight loss: 19.9lbs
      2020 Personal Discard Weight Challenge
      Name: Terri
      My plan is to weigh less at the end of each month than I did at the beginning
      SW: 152.1 (02 Jan)
      GW: 147.1
      Jan: - 2
      Feb: - 1.3
      Mar: - 0.9
      Apri: +1.3 (not too bad, considering lockdown/Easter/Birthday this month)
      May: +0.7(working on upping my strength to,tone muscles, sonot unexpected. It's a balancing act! 😂)
      Sun 31May: 148.7
      Week 1:
      Mon 01: 148.5 😎 Happy to maintain until I sort out strength w/outs.
      Tue 02: 148.5 🌻
      Wed 03: 148.8 🌻
      Thu 04: 148.6🌻
      Fri 05: 148.5🌻
      Sat 06: 148.6🌻
      Sun 07: 148.4🌻[
      Week 2:
      Mon 8: 148.8🌻 Still holding steady
      Tue 9: 148.8 🌻
      Wed 10: 148.6🌻
      Thu 11: 148.4 🌻
      Fri 12: 148.6🌻 bad case of the nibbles tonight.
      Sat 13: 148.8:🌻
      Sun 14: 149.1🌻Silly choices yesterday!!!
      Mon 15: 149.4 🤔
      Tues 16: 149.2🤔
      Wed 17: 149.3🤔
      Thu 18: 149.2🤔
      Fri 19: 149.4 🤓 I was wondering if this uptick is connected to the fact that I have started interval walking/jogging to get my steps in. I did a little research, and sure enough, there it was, in black and white. When you start jogging, the muscles hold on to fluid for muscle repair. Can be several lbs, and it sorts itself out when the body acclimatises, so I'm sticking with it until it settles down.
      😂 Just when you think you have it all sorted, one little change throws it up in the air again. I'm guessing that this is temporary.

      Sat 20: 149.5
      Sun 21: 149.2
      Mon 22: 149.7
      Tue 23: 149.5
      Wed 24: 149.4
      Thu 25: 149.8
      Sat 27: 149.9
      Sun 28: 149.8
      Mon 28: 148.2

      JFT Sun 28 June:
      Daily goals:
      Sleep: 🌷
      Intentional exercise: > 50🌷68
      Cardio: > 30🌷HIIT /walk/jog w weights
      Strength: > 10🌷arms
      Flex: >10🌷yoga
      Prelog: stay in the green🌷
      Weight: < 150🌷
      Steps: > 7500🌷7609
      Fitbit > 6 active hours 🌷9
      Mood: 😎
      Activities I got to do:
      🌷 meditation:✅ Write journal:✅
      🌷HIIT glutes/legs :sweat_smile:
      🌷laundry - put away✅
      🌷Skype with family ✅
      🌷Declutter - bathroom; writing desk✅
      🌷Watch TV: ✅Puzzles: ✅crochet: ✅JFT Mon 29 June:
      Daily goals:
      Meditation: 🌟Calm Being🌟
      Intentional exercise: > 50🌟
      Cardio: > 30🌟Interval walk/jog 50
      Strength: > 10 legs
      Flex: >10 Pilates
      Prelog: stay in the green
      Weight: < 150
      Steps: > 7500
      Fitbit > 6 active hours
      Mood: :sunglasses:
      Activities I get to do:
      🌷meditation:✅ Write journal:
      🌷laundry - put away
      🌷July Spreadsheet for Strong Mates
      🌷Declutter - computer room; Shoes
      🌷Watch TV: Puzzles: crochet: Knit
      🌷write on Birthday project for grandson 💕
    • cesse47cesse47 Member Posts: 945 Member Member Posts: 945 Member
      🌸🌸 Motivational Quote from Notebook for a Girlboss 🌸🌸
      She Believed She Could So She Did

      JULY GOALS ---
      (1) Log all food and beverages honestly; Drink 10+ water [week 1 challenge = MEASURE IT!]
      (2) Exercise 30 min minimum (3000 steps)
      (3) Clean 30 min per day: house or yard or declutter

      Tasks for Today ---
      Clean Litter Boxes -- MUST DO TODAY (take litter to trash bin)
      Do Dishes
      Prune and Weed on Front Perimeter of house
      Take trash and recyclables to outside bins

      Have a great day everyone!! 🌞
    • pridesabtchpridesabtch Member Posts: 1,056 Member Member Posts: 1,056 Member

      - sleep in :smiley:
      - Get dolled up for a graduation party at 2 :smiley:
      - Be mindful of food at the party :smiley: Just had fruit and a few chips
      - If the weather holds off I'll walk, if it rains, I'll ride the Peleton :smiley: Great hike
      - Log everything :smiley:
      - Stay green :smiley:

      Have a blessed day y'all!

      Monday, Monday not a funday. Feel kind of icky and my weight is up, both of these things I blame on being a girl. I've been in a deficit and though my sodium was high yesterday, I'm sure I didn't gain 2 pounds over 2 days.

      Anyway, yesterday was really good. I slept in, listened to the church service, went to a graduation party (did my hair and makeup for the first time in well over a week. Then came home and went for a beautiful hike in the woods. It didn't seem like exercise because it was so pretty. Today, my legs are saying "YES IT WAS EXERCISE" they are a tad heavy this morning.

      I'm in the office/lab today and I actually have work to do, yea! I should still get out on time and my goal is to work cadence on the Peleton after work. Coach says 30ish minutes will be good for today after my 2 hour hike yesterday.

      Here are some pictures from my hike, last is the elevation profile with my heart rate overlaid.

      JFT Monday
      - Weigh :smiley:
      - Protein Bar for breakfast
      - Figure out CUSUM Loop for FMC
      - Do trial run for method I developed and see if it works...
      - Lunch under 400cal
      - Log Everything
      - Stay Green
      - No alcohol
      - No candy/cookies
      - Peleton
      - Bed by 11:30

      Have an awesome day y'all!
    • pridesabtchpridesabtch Member Posts: 1,056 Member Member Posts: 1,056 Member
      @Snowflake1968 Sorry things are rough with your boss, but I'm really glad you found a job you enjoy. Keep up the good work and positive attitude.

      @mytime6630 I really wish things were easier for you. You know I struggle mentally at times, but nothing as severe as your daughter. Take comfort in the fact that she still wants to see you and let your visits be good enough for now even though they aren't ideal. Can you ask her about self harm or why she is wearing a turtle neck without triggering her? Does she work with a therapist or counselor in addition to a psychologist? Can you talk to them?

      Take care of you and your husband.

      @cesse47 I truly hope your July turns things around. Take care of you for us, you are important!

      @PackerFanInGB I'm so sorry to hear about your job. Hopefully a new door will open for you now that this one closed. Who knows you may find a new passion. Best of luck!

      @HEGoddard0928 How is Matt feeling? How are you holding up?
    • merope2merope2 Member Posts: 60 Member Member Posts: 60 Member
      Sunday: everything logged
      Monday: log everything
    • suzij27suzij27 Member Posts: 183 Member Member Posts: 183 Member

      For today... (from Sunday 6/28)
      1. Eat 2-3 servings of veggies. Cut them small and cook until really soft? Soup? I’ll work on something for dinner. ✅ made anew recipe Tuscan Vegetable Soup from It was delicious!
      2. 30 min of light exercise. ✅
      3. Laundry ✅
      4. Work on my to do list and calendar for the week ✅

      For today, Monday 6/29
      1. Run errands from last week. Get car inspected and reregistered.
      2. Record everything on MFP and stay in the green.
      3. Write in my journal.
      4. Be kind to myself and others.
      5. Clean off kitchen table and counters. Too many papers have stacked up!
    • Kuhl50Kuhl50 Member, Premium Posts: 416 Member Member, Premium Posts: 416 Member
      @ZizzyBumble Deepest condolences on your loss. 😓
    • cesse47cesse47 Member Posts: 945 Member Member Posts: 945 Member
      @cschmitz110515 I'm so sorry for the marital discord. Glad to hear you're back on an even keel again. Hang in there ... glad to have you back!!

      @ZizzyBumble I am so sincerely sorry to hear of your Mom's passing. Wishing hope for you in the midst of sorrow, comfort in the midst of pain.
    • mytime6630mytime6630 Member Posts: 3,772 Member Member Posts: 3,772 Member
      @cschmitz110515 -- sorry to hear about the marital drama, but glad things are better. I think this coronavirus effects so many of us!

      @ZizzyBumble -- OMG -- I am so so sorry to hear of your mothers passing. Hugs dear friend.'

      @PackerFan001 - so sorry to hear about you losing your job. I swear .. 2020 is the year that affects so many of us, in different ways. I know you loved your job .. hoping you can find something that gives you as much joy, or better yet, maybe figure out a way to just sit back, and smell the roses, and take care of yourself for awhile. Hugs

      I am so far behind with all that is going on in everyone's life. This has been a challenging year for so many of us. Hugs to you all.

      Goals for today were mostly met ... trying to drink more water, mindful eating, etc.

      will set tomorrows goals later
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