Exercise regimes

Keen to hear your guys exercise regimes!

What do you do?
For how long?
How often?



  • cwolfman13
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    It varies from season to season and year to year...right now:

    Monday spin class 60 min
    Tuesday weight room 45-60 min
    Wednesday spin class 60 min
    Thursday weight room 45-60 min
    Friday - off
    Saturday road ride, mountain bike, hike, rock climb...whatever I feel like
    Sunday - Same as Saturday...but sometimes nothing.

    In another month or so I'll flip flop those days to lift on Mon/Wed and then work with my PT on Fridays. I've been kind of out of things for the past few months with injury so I want to get back into a bit better shape before I start training with her again.

    In the summer I tend to spend more time outdoors riding and mountain biking and whatnot.
  • mojavemtbr
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    Three times a week strength training, once a week mountain biking, and once a week hilly hike or a ruck march.
  • jeagogo
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    Lately I've been really trying to tailor my workouts to help build strength and stamina for pole dancing, so my weeks have looked something like this:

    -Morning: Zumba dance class (60 minutes)
    -Evening: Pole conditioning (60 minutes). This class is bodyweight based strength conditioning for pole dancing. About 30 minutes of resistance training and 30 minutes of pole work (climbing, doing tricks).
    Tuesday: Rest. I travel for work on Tuesdays :|
    Wednesday: Full body strength training at the gym (60-90 minutes). Usually consists of a couple barbell exercises, some kettlebell/free weights, bodyweight exercises (pull-ups, TRX), and stretching. Sometimes I sub in a 60-minute circuit training class that incorporates HIIT.
    -Morning: Zumba dance class (60 minutes)
    -Evening: Aerial yoga (60 minutes) and Pole dancing (120 minutes). This pole class is about 60 minutes of "warm up" which is mostly mat pilates/yoga style stretching and core conditioning movements, then 60 minutes of dance/pole work. I would consider it pretty mild exercise and usually track it as if it's hatha yoga.
    Friday: Same as Wednesday, but usually a shorter duration (50-60 minutes during lunch)
    Saturday: Rest or Pole dancing (120 minutes)
    Sunday: Pole dancing (120 minutes) or Aerial conditioning (90 minutes). Aerial conditioning is challenging bodyweight based core and upper body strengthening workout with work done of the floor, gymnastic stall bars, rope climbing, and trapeze.

    Definitely not a traditional workout regime, but I do feel like I'm getting stronger, and I have a lot of fun doing it!
  • spzjlb
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    I’m not fancy. I do at least 30 min of something that makes me really sweat each morning before work. I usually stretch for 10-15 min before bed as I listen to an audiobook, podcast or maybe Netflix.

    I have a decent home gym, so my daily workout could be treadmill, elliptical, rower, a routine with heavy dumbbells (eg Fitness Blender or my own). Alternatively, I try to get outside in better weather for runs or bike rides (avoiding hills like a lazy suck).

    For me, short, daily workouts are easy to incorporate into my life and I feel crappy if I don’t do something every day.
  • jenncornelsen
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    Lifting 5 days a week, ( 2 leg days, 1 shoulders, 1 back, 1 arms/chest) workouts average an hour to 1 1/2 hours . Other 2 days are cardio, generally one of them a run. The gym is my happy place/ therapy lol
  • DancingMoosie
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    I do cardio in the morning, about 45-50 min.Twice, maybe thrice, per week after work, I do full body lifting free weights. One evening I might run or do another cardio workout.
  • sardelsa
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    I lift 3-4x per week right now. That's about it. Full body workouts, glute focused. It takes me about 30-40min of total workout time (not including distractions in between)
  • Cherimoose
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    Currently preparing for skiing, so doing a ton of stair running. It's spread throughout the day, every 2 days. Some freeweights too every 2 days.
  • louisefoxx
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    Tuesday. 45 minutes Sh'bam followed by 50 minutes Body Conditioning (squats, hand weights or rope, core work)
    Thursday: 60 minutes Body Pump followed by 60 minutes yoga.

    I walk my daughter to school each weekday morning (total 20 minutes).

    I don't feel it's enough and I want to add in another couple of classes. I can't do Monday as I have choir practice and Wednesday is my turn for putting my daughter to bed.

    I'm thinking of varying my route from school to make it a bit longer and maybe adding a Body Pump plus Body Balance class on a Saturday morning (I do want to see my family sometime!)

    I have a desk job and I could do with another yoga/flow class to stretch out my hips.

    42 year old female. Aiming to lose 12lb but tone up - especially my bingo wings and muffin top.
  • ianwhite5555
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    I get bored if I exercise on my own for too long, plus an old body can't run for much more than an hour at a time. 2 x 3-4 miles 6 days a week, each 24-30 mins, with 3 to 4 walks with the husky. 1 quite brisk for an hour. On the 7th day a 10k, still to break 50 mins though. Currently 52 mins
  • jeagogo
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    @louisefoxx I feel you on wanting to do more but not quite having a place to get another workout in. My weekend workouts are smack in the middle of the day so it's very easy for them to get dropped so I can spend time with my partner. I wish the classes I want to take on the weekend were in the morning since my partner tends to sleep in pretty late on the weekend anyway :)
  • AnnPT77
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    This time of year, not as much.

    Tu, Th spin class
    Shoot for around 3 days of rowing machine, 4-8km depending on schedule/motivation/other exercise
    Working at 2-3 days/week, a little strength training, mainly upper body push (I don't enjoy strength training, so this slips on and off my schedule, realistically.)
    I'm throwing in a couple mile walk recently, if it gets above freezing, isn't raining/snowing, isn't too windy (I like my comforts ;) ).

    Summer, normally on-water rowing 4 days a week weather permitting, 2 days spin class, consistently. Sometimes a little cycling outdoors, or other active fun stuff.

    You probably realize this, but questions like this usually draw out people with more robust workout schedules they feel proud of, so may not be a statistically valid sample of what folks do. :lol:
  • jeagogo
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    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    You probably realize this, but questions like this usually draw out people with more robust workout schedules they feel proud of, so may not be a statistically valid sample of what folks do. :lol:

    Good point! If you'd asked me the same question about a year and a half ago my answer would have been that I go to two easy yoga classes a week and that's it.

  • apullum
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    M/W/F: 5 mile run
    T/Th: 45 minutes lifting, usually a 2-3 mile walk
    T/W/Th: 1 hour yoga

    Weekends: Usually a hike, or if I'm training for something I'll do my long run. I take one weekend day as a rest day--maybe a 2-3 mile walk, but no other exercise. If I'm near peak running mileage for the season, I will probably take a full rest day (no intentional exercise).

    And to @AnnPT77's point: I definitely consider that a very active schedule that I would not recommend for new folks. I worked up to that level of activity. When I started trying to lose weight, I was doing C25K three times a week, a mile walk on most non-running days, and an occasional yoga class maybe once a month.
  • cwolfman13
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    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    This time of year, not as much.

    You probably realize this, but questions like this usually draw out people with more robust workout schedules they feel proud of, so may not be a statistically valid sample of what folks do. :lol:

    Good point...

    OP, if you're just coming out of the gate, don't come out too fast...about the worst thing you can do. Burnout and injury are real and fitness needs to be something that is built up. I've been exercising regularly for 7 years...I didn't start off with 5-6 days of what amounts to fairly strenuous exercise.

    In fact, I'm having to pull back a bit on the schedule I posted above because the last 3-4 months have been me doing pretty much nothing save for a ride here or there or walking my dog. After getting back into the gym this week it is apparent to me that it'll likely take me about a month or so to work up to the full schedule I posted above. I did my Mon/Tues/and Wed workouts, and I'm toast...mostly from the spin classes...I'm taking this evening off as well as Friday and will probably just do a really easy ride on Saturday. Next week I will likely dial back to one spin class and two days of lifting and probably add in the 2nd spin class in weeks 3 or 4 depending.