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Bagels or doughnuts?



  • janejellyrolljanejellyroll Posts: 22,114Member Member Posts: 22,114Member Member
    ActionRZ wrote: »
    I would most likely pick the bagel. Even with cheese, etc., I think much more benefit than a doughnut. Especially if your going to a work out after

    What are the benefits of a bagel versus a doughnut when it comes to working out?
  • slbbwslbbw Posts: 320Member Member Posts: 320Member Member
    I have been craving an everything doughnut from a local shop and they have not had them in. That would be my personal choice for sure.
  • KiyomooKiyomoo Posts: 280Member Member Posts: 280Member Member
    100% bagels. I'm not a fan of doughnuts. Don't get me wrong, I am a pig who will eat anything, but donuts are one of the last things I'd choose when going for something sweet.

    Bagels on the other hand are one of the best things ever. I don't eat them often though because it's a lot of calories for something that I devour very quickly and doesn't fill me up much.
  • mtaratootmtaratoot Posts: 2,482Member Member Posts: 2,482Member Member
    There were no bagels on Roatan. I got home too late to make it to the bagel shop, and they are closed Monday and Tuesday. Poor me; I had to eat civeche and grilled whole fish.


  • neugebauer52neugebauer52 Posts: 1,115Member Member Posts: 1,115Member Member
    Anything with a big hole in it - cuts down on calories! :)
  • angelexperimentangelexperiment Posts: 1,752Member Member Posts: 1,752Member Member
    Doughnuts especially fresh made from a real doughnut shop. Are the best.
  • mydogisthebestdogevermydogisthebestdogever Posts: 433Member Member Posts: 433Member Member
    Bagel with garlic herb cream cheese, smoked salmon, red onions,and capers!!!!
  • spence13espence13e Posts: 9Member Member Posts: 9Member Member
    Plain glazed Daylight Donuts = measly 166 calories, at least according to MFP, so I can have two.
  • Lynnsgoals2020Lynnsgoals2020 Posts: 67Member Member Posts: 67Member Member
  • sardelsasardelsa Posts: 8,951Member Member Posts: 8,951Member Member
    I had both today ;)
  • mtaratootmtaratoot Posts: 2,482Member Member Posts: 2,482Member Member
    I posted this on the "are you still eating out" thread, but it bears repeating here because... BAGEL!

    I want to keep my bagel shop open, so I ran out there as part of a careful trip to the post office and to fill up the truck with fuel.

    Today was their pastrami bagel (cream cheese, pastrami, tomato, red onion, green onion) on a poppy seed bagel. I also got a firestick (jalapeno bagel dough but not round and rolled in cheddar before baking). Being I had just been out at the post office and the gas station, I got it to go. Bonus is I get to enjoy it with a cat on my lap!

  • onward1onward1 Posts: 333Member Member Posts: 333Member Member
    Bagel, always. Unless I'm in Maine, then it's got to be one from the "Holy Donut". I've planned whole vacations around that donut shop. And I don't even like donuts.
  • mtaratootmtaratoot Posts: 2,482Member Member Posts: 2,482Member Member
    @onward1 -- So what's with Holy Donuts?

    My bagel shop was happy to see me swing through yesterday for two to-go. I hope they can stay afloat until we're allowed to socialize again.

    My office is so slow to respond to the crisis, I kind of wanted to take a dozen doughnuts in yesterday just as a protest. I guess I could have got a dozen bagels....
  • Elise4270Elise4270 Posts: 7,780Member, Premium Member Posts: 7,780Member, Premium Member
    Bagels ! Now I gotta go to the store for bagels... lots of bagels so no one else buys them up!
  • mtaratootmtaratoot Posts: 2,482Member Member Posts: 2,482Member Member
    Get some for me!
  • ataleforthetimebeingataleforthetimebeing Posts: 83Member Member Posts: 83Member Member
    I love everything bagel with herbs and garlic cheese. Also sun-dried tomato bagel.
  • mtaratootmtaratoot Posts: 2,482Member Member Posts: 2,482Member Member
    I cautiously went to the bagel shop yesterday. I got four bagels for my neighbors who needed them. For myself, I got their version of lox which is cream cheese, lox, tomato, red onion, green onion, and capers. I also got a bagel to go, and couldn't stop myself from a bag of assorted day-old bagels for later. I am pleased I didn't eat them ALL, but I got close.

    Bonus of bringing it home is a proper plate instead of a wax paper square in a plastic basket.


    Neighbors were very glad to get a paper sack full of fresh bagels. G. went out early yesterday to the grocery. When she got home, S. asked if she got bread -- she didn't. So they were even better than they would have been, and they would have been good anyway.

    After that, S. and I took boats (him in a sit-on-top kayak and me in a whitewater canoe) about a third mile to the boat ramp and paddled up the East channel to the old gravel pond and back. There were a few new obstacles, but we were able to make it all the way up and back. The fish didn't bother us ONE BIT. Maybe I'll take a tiny kayak out today, but first I have two more bagels to eat.
  • JoeyTheWandererJoeyTheWanderer Posts: 103Member Member Posts: 103Member Member
    Neither~ The average donut exceeds 300 calories and that's just your casual chocolate store bought. I've got no idea how many the ones with fillings got... I'd imagine it would approach the 500s.

    Bagels~ Are healthier but not by much. A single bagel offers a whopping 245 calories. Note that's just a plain bagel with nothing on it. A tablespoon of cream cheese nets you another hundred for little nutritional value. I would rather have a slice of toast with a serving of peanut butter. About the same amount of calories but more balanced macros.

    To compare my average protein drink with 2% milk taste better, offers 100x more nutritional value and sits around 200 calories. Throw a banana in their and I got me a nice little snack. 👍
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