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Thoughts on this dumbbell only routine?



  • heybalesheybales Posts: 17,316Member Member Posts: 17,316Member Member
    MDC2957 wrote: »
    Soooo no go on that routine?

    You can have a dumbbell only routine based on a barbell routine for compound lifts. Well, mainly you can, some are harder to mimic like dead's perhaps.

    You could take as many compound lifts of some other routine and accomplish with dumbbells - instead of isolation only lifts.

    There are some other routines intended for dumbbells though that are not just iso moves.
  • acpgeeacpgee Posts: 4,729Member Member Posts: 4,729Member Member
    That routine is okay. I would change a couple of things.

    Would change lat rows to to one side lat rows with one knee and and free hand supported by the bench at least some days. Will take more time but you will get a fuller stretch and contraction and reduce risk of injuring lower back.

    Would replace dumbell bench press and dumbell shoulder press with flies on some days which require less weight. These are isolation moves with lower risk of injury than heavy dumbell presses.

    I love doing heavy dumbell presses, actually, because I like the coordination/balance challenge, but do be careful. I would add the twist from barbell wrist position at the bottom of the press to wrists facing each other at the top. Standard wisdom when I started lifting back in the eighties to get a fuller contraction.

    Because I love my old stuck in the eighties routines, I would add dumbell pullover if you have a single heavy dumbell.
  • DevonKarolineDevonKaroline Posts: 19Member Member Posts: 19Member Member
    As long as you have heavy enough dumbbells that when used you are truly struggling in the last few reps.

    If not I'd recommend taking a look at some of these videos for more ideas:
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