Which lifting program is the best for you?

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Since it's a very common question when it comes to bulking, I wanted to create a running list of programs that can provide a solid foundation for members, whether they are in the beginning stages of bulking, going back to a cut or looking to maintain their gains.

Since the majority of our advanced lifters tend to gravitate in this section, I plan on placing this here, unless it's deemed more appropriate for another section. Please keep in mind, this is intended to be a comprehensive list, and I encourage all members to provide additional programs for me to add to the list (might as well use my mod powers for some good >:) ).

BodyWeight Routines

Dumbbell Routines/Beginner routines

Beginner Lifting Programs

Intermediate Lifting Programs

Advanced Lifting Programs

Power Lifting
Training Style

Bro, How do I even lift?

Training Guides: http://strengtheory.com/complete-strength-training-guide/

Brah, do you even lower body?
Do you even upper body?

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