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Ticker issue

kmcfarlenkmcfarlen Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
I copied the ticker code but dont know where to put it ? I would like to see it on my profile


  • manderson27manderson27 Posts: 3,411Member Member Posts: 3,411Member Member
    It used to display automatically on your profile but that was quite a while ago. I can't find a way to display it anymore on my profile so I have given up trying.

    They stopped it automatically showing on the forums which I thought was a shame. So the only way you can show it on the forums is to copy and paste the url into your post.
  • manderson27manderson27 Posts: 3,411Member Member Posts: 3,411Member Member
    Crap can't get it to work anywhere now. Used to be able to at least copy and paste the url into the post but now I only get this.

    I MISS MY TICKER :'(:'(:'(

    edited January 20
  • ninerbuffninerbuff Posts: 42,784Member, Greeter Member Posts: 42,784Member, Greeter Member
    I have my ticker on my signature that I use on every post. But as of late it doesn't display.

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  • GreenValliGreenValli Posts: 819Member Member Posts: 819Member Member
    Is there any way to contact an administrator? I miss the ticker, too.
  • BarbaraHelen2013BarbaraHelen2013 Posts: 995Member Member Posts: 995Member Member
    That’s what I thought too!

    I don’t have the faintest idea what this ticker is that people miss! 😂
  • ChellieIrishChellieIrish Posts: 604Member Member Posts: 604Member Member
    I gave up trying too but it is such a shame as it really gives a boost when you see it when you login ;)
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