Black Coffee



  • jadu1536
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    My reason for trying to switch to black coffee is to save calories
  • AnnPT77
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    It will be anathema to many others, but I've long enjoyed my large mug of coffee with about 3/4C of hot skim milk, and when I started logging in order to lose weight, was pleased to see that each mug adds 6g protein to my day for around 64 calories. (I usually drink 2 mugs.) For me, this is a case where my tastes and my nutritional goals align quite nicely. YMMV.
  • youngmomtaz
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    Maybe try a different type of bean?

    This! Once I found what I like black is no issue. I love the kicking horse ones, there is an espresso bean that Costco carry’s that I like, and beans I bring back from Cuba I try to ration out for as long as possible. Keep trying different brands and you will find one that makes it easier!
  • DollyWolf99
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    I started drinking coffee for the first time in my life this year (I seriously woke up one day and decided it sounded good). I want to add all the yummy creamer into it, but I am measuring the creamer out and just adding it to my diary. I enjoy it too much to not have it.
  • ReenieHJ
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    I drink either Folgers or Maxwell House and always doctor it up to taste better. :/ What coffees are quality enough to enjoy black? Just curious....I'd love to cut the sugar/milk out of my coffee.
  • gothchiq
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    I just can't, man. I get nauseated. A splash of lowfat milk should be fine unless you are lactose intolerant.