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Women 200lb+, Let's Stay Fired Up This February!!!



  • orangequiltorangequilt Member Posts: 867 Member Member Posts: 867 Member
    Welcome to the newbies! Loving people's comments on learning to be ok with mild hunger, and not being afraid of hunger. This is huge for me and i'm working on it too. A behaviour i'm trying to change is taking too much food with me on a trip or if i'm out somewhere, for fear of hunger, then of course there is food there anyway, so i end up eating double. I am trying to teach myself that slim people don't worry whether or not there will be food somewhere because they know it won't kill them to skip a meal once in a while. I am on a five day training course next week, staying in a hotel, so it will be a test of the new attitude i am trying to develop. Could be a chance to look for this podcast!
  • aliciap0116aliciap0116 Member, Premium Posts: 230 Member Member, Premium Posts: 230 Member
    @bluffgirl67 I hope everything goes well the with surgery. Your plan seems solid. Just remember to take care of yourself. Sending hugs and prayers.
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