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Whats ur secret?

lisabelle69lisabelle69 Posts: 8Member Member Posts: 8Member Member
What are u doing/following to lose weight? How much have you lost?


  • lx1xlx1x Posts: 20,140Member Member Posts: 20,140Member Member

    Eating in deficit and patience.
  • mada2u1984mada2u1984 Posts: 55Member Member Posts: 55Member Member
    I've lost 95 lbs since last April following my three C's.
    Consistency, Control, Commitment.
    Consistently staying at my calorie deficit goal every day. Being as accurate as possible and weighing everything on a food scale. EVERYTHING.
    Controlling my mind to stay positive and quit making excuses, and most important, controlling my portion size.
    Committing to this LONG TERM for my overall health and not ever giving up. This isn't a diet, it's a complete lifestyle commitment.

    I also exercise 7 days a week for better health and body.

    Love this! Thanks for sharing
  • noelkro80noelkro80 Posts: 223Member Member Posts: 223Member Member
    I want to lose about 126lbs & aiming for around 10lbs a month weight loss. I walk for 1 hour a day 5 days a week (to work & back home) I started today restricting myself to 1500 calories a day
  • Shana67Shana67 Posts: 680Member Member Posts: 680Member Member
    I am doing 20:4 intermittent fasting and my secret is drinking lots and lots and lots of sparkling water. I'm not sure if it's the bubbles or what, but it helps so much :)
  • Mr_Healthy_HabitsMr_Healthy_Habits Posts: 9,366Member Member Posts: 9,366Member Member
    I will get down to some Carly Rae Jaspen when nobody's watching 😬
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