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Whats ur secret?



  • AwesomeSquirrelAwesomeSquirrel Member Posts: 354 Member Member Posts: 354 Member
    I moved last fall and managed to break some habits with a change of scene. For example not buying candy/snacks in my new grocery store and eating at the Kitchen table instead of on the sofa.
  • gemiller87gemiller87 Member, Premium Posts: 137 Member Member, Premium Posts: 137 Member
    NovusDies wrote: »
    My main secret was to stop believing there were secrets.

    Cheers to that. People have been working at this for a long long time and tons of money has been invested in it and yet simply put, there is no miracle answer!

    You want it... you get it. You just have to do it the old fashioned way. Put in the work....

  • hesn92hesn92 Member Posts: 5,852 Member Member Posts: 5,852 Member
    Log calories and eat in a deficit, weigh myself regularly, patience.
  • SoHowLongIsThisGonnaTakeSoHowLongIsThisGonnaTake Member Posts: 268 Member Member Posts: 268 Member
    jperdomo79 wrote: »
    No secret. Calorie deficit, drink LOTS of water and exercise 5-6. Its what's worked for me. I've gone from 210 to 121. 4 kids.

    How long did it take?
  • gcibsthomgcibsthom Member Posts: 26,861 Member Member Posts: 26,861 Member
    117 lbs lost

    No big secret. Calories in/Calories out. Patience. Dedication. Keep to your limits set on the log. Tenacity. Keep up the work. Don't give up no matter how long you go without losing a single pound....
  • drmwcdrmwc Member, Premium Posts: 427 Member Member, Premium Posts: 427 Member
    WOW!!! That's awesome!!!

    I'm not even hitting 5000 yet, and it's taken me 2 months of evening walking to get there. In my defense, I'm 68, blew out 5 discs 2 years ago, and had 3 spinal surgeries last year. For the 1st month, every step was agony due to sciatic nerve impingement, but that's getting better now.

    My biggest problem is how long it takes to walk 5000 or more steps, and for me, running is no longer an option.

    Well done staying active. My Dad broke his back a few years ago. He is becoming reasonably active again, but it's definitely not been easy.
  • jperdomo79jperdomo79 Member Posts: 57 Member Member Posts: 57 Member
    @SoHowLongIsThisGonnaTake .... my journey started Dec 2012 and ended May 2013.....approx....5 months of exercising 5-6 times a week for (60 min), counting calories on (MFP) 1300-1500...I'm 5'4 and a quarter :) and drinking 8 bottles of 16.9 oz.of water. I hope that helps.
  • jenilla1jenilla1 Member Posts: 9,869 Member Member Posts: 9,869 Member
    My secret is setting priorities and sticking mostly to behaviors that align with them.

    I simply want health and fitness - with all it's pros and cons (feeling energetic, looking good = pro, doing consistent physical work, having to exercise self-control with food intake = con) MORE than I want the alternative (eating dessert as primary food source, sitting on my butt all day = pro, feeling sluggish, looking weak and run down = con,.)

    Whenever I think about it, I just feel like the pros of the former far outweigh the pros of the latter. And the cons of being fit and healthy aren't even that bad; after awhile they even start to feel like pros, too. The cons of "Unfit and Unhealthy Me" are never going to be good. So "Fit and Healthy Me" easily wins.

    But that's just me. Not everyone is going to have the same priorities, and that's OK. Just figure out what's more important, analyze whether it's worth it to you, and then work towards it. This isn't a quick fix. It's a long term commitment.

    It's all mindset. Do I really want it, or not? So that's my secret. That's what keeps me in the game*.

    *Maintaining at goal since 2011.
  • motivatedmarthamotivatedmartha Member Posts: 1,099 Member Member Posts: 1,099 Member
  • SylphadoraSylphadora Member Posts: 75 Member Member Posts: 75 Member
    Zero carb OMAD (one meal a day) and weight training. Muscle is the most metabolically active tissue in the body so the more muscle you have, the more you get to eat ;) No calorie deficit since I'm maintaining
  • snickerscharliesnickerscharlie Member Posts: 8,569 Member Member Posts: 8,569 Member
    Sylphadora wrote: »
    Zero carb OMAD (one meal a day) and weight training. Muscle is the most metabolically active tissue in the body so the more muscle you have, the more you get to eat ;) No calorie deficit since I'm maintaining

    On a zero carb diet, what do you typically eat?
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