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SkmellygSkmellyg Posts: 157Member Member Posts: 157Member Member
What is the best advice you can give someone who is just starting on their weight loss journey? It doesn't have to be just one piece of advice, it could be many! What has made you successful in your journey?


  • Talan79Talan79 Posts: 586Member Member Posts: 586Member Member
    Use a digital scale to weigh all solids.
  • amtyrellamtyrell Posts: 1,338Member Member Posts: 1,338Member Member
    1. Use a weight trending app
    2. Use a food scale
    3. Be kind and forgiving to yourself
  • katshearekatsheare Posts: 1,033Member Member Posts: 1,033Member Member
    (In addition to the really good advice above)
    Don't be afraid of your data. The calories you're taking in and expending: data. Your weight: data. Use those numbers to guide your next choices.
  • nighthawk584nighthawk584 Posts: 1,674Member Member Posts: 1,674Member Member
    all the above and Turn excuses into action.
  • SisterSueGetsFitSisterSueGetsFit Posts: 1,127Member Member Posts: 1,127Member Member
    Don’t let a “bad” meal, day or week derail you. And speak kindly to yourself along the way. I often need to remind myself of this one.
  • sschauer513sschauer513 Posts: 305Member, Premium Member Posts: 305Member, Premium Member
    Be truthful to your inner voice and don't lie to yourself if for example if cookies are a trigger don't lie to yourself that you can get a pack of Oreos and eat just 2 a day. And never let a bad day or even a bad week stop you from your goal.
  • neugebauer52neugebauer52 Posts: 1,096Member Member Posts: 1,096Member Member
    Don't stress. Trust the calculations provided for by MFP and learn from members who have been successful. Take it step by step, one day, one meal at a time. Any finally: don't stress.
  • dhiammarathdhiammarath Posts: 780Member, Premium Member Posts: 780Member, Premium Member
    Whatever you do, however you do it, find joy in the act of doing it.

    For me, that means slaying my dragonpants and gamifying the process. I WILL ARM MYSELF AND SLAY THE BEAST AND FIT INTO THE PANTS.

    If it is something you enjoy doing, you will do it -- so don't do anything crazy. Pick a process you like and stick with it. A saying resonated very well with me from the moment I started: "A year from now, you will wish you had started today." And that is so true.

    I look back to last year or the year before or the year before that... and I remember wishing (desperately) for what I have now back then.

    Be kind to yourself, too. You are worth the investment! You are worth more than scales and diets and weight loss: the emotional aspect isn't easy, but you are worth every improvement, every desire for improvement, and the time it takes to invest in your emotional and physical self.

    So when it feels hard, and the emotions take over, be sure to remember to tell yourself kind things daily. Negativity breeds more negativity, so buffer it with positive things. Find something kind to say every day to yourself. Even if it's only in your inner monologue.

    Good luck!
  • ReenieHJReenieHJ Posts: 1,004Member Member Posts: 1,004Member Member
    You should try to enter your 40s and 50s in the best shape of your life.
    Overestimate your food and underestimate your exercise.
    Let go of a bad day or a bad month. MFP will be there again when you're ready.
    Practice the "abundance" mentality and not the "scarcity" mentality.
    When you feel hungry, ask yourself if an apple or broccoli still sound good. If not, then you're not really hungry; you're just craving something.
    It's only the first 2-3 bites of something that's really great. All bites after that are just trying to recreate the initial pleasure.
    Find an exercise you love. Don't use the treadmill if that feels like a torture device.
    Think of the calorie allowance like your money budget. When you overspend, that's when you get in trouble.
    You can have whatever you want, but you can't have everything you want.

    Love these words of wisdom! And one thing I especially agree with is you only taste the first few bites. Hard to remember when you're in the heat of a binge but it's so true!
  • SylphadoraSylphadora Posts: 72Member Member Posts: 72Member Member
    The best diet is not just any diet that works, it's the diet that works but that you can comply with. If you find it too hard it's time to find another diet. There's no shame in trying something else
  • seltzermint555seltzermint555 Posts: 10,219Member Member Posts: 10,219Member Member
    Drink plenty of water.
    Don't undereat.
    Cook/eat at home the majority of the time and then going out to eat (even 1-3 times a week) won't be a big hit to your diet.
    Make peace with the scale, do not fear the number...whether that means weighing every day or not.
  • staceybuchanonstaceybuchanon Posts: 6Member Member Posts: 6Member Member
    Be patient. There is no quick fix with weight loss. It will pay off in the end when you feel great and look great too.
  • ElBenceElBence Posts: 270Member Member Posts: 270Member Member
    Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Whether you intend on a diet or diet/exercise regimen, you'll be uncomfortable at the start. You're going to be hungry. You're going to be sore. You may be sleep-deprived. If you work out in the morning, you will not want to leave the warm bed at 5 AM. Comfort foods are out. Discomfort foods are in. Once you're comfortable being uncomfortable, the rest is downhill. You can have an off day where you don't eat the best, and that won't throw you for a loop because you'll be comfortable going back to discomfort. You can get sick and miss a week of working out and eat to fight the cold, and you'll be comfortable going back to not being comfortable. Holidays won't derail you because you'll be familiar with your friend, discomfort.
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