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  • theleadmaretheleadmare Posts: 345Member Member Posts: 345Member Member
    @mmccloy12: Can you brainstorm things that you can take and have to be healthy things to snack on? I do that for my boyfriend; he had weight loss surgery, and now he can't exactly eat out of the vending machine. I send him lunch (he has one of those Hotlogic warming lunchboxes, so he's not lining up for the microwave and if he has to eat a little now and the rest later he can) along with some almond protein cookies I make at home (I can give recipe for people who want it) and some small packets of nuts and some cheese sticks and some jerky. We keep another bag of jerky and some nuts in the car in case he's having trouble getting home to dinner (Crash on the interstate, weather slows things down, etc.) He doesn't always eat all of it, but some days he needs every bit of it to get through, and comes in and says, "You'll need to replace the jerky in the glove box." And that's okay.

    Make sure to fence off your lunch time and snack times. You need that to do the best work you can. One of the best metaphors about this is one I saw in a Victorian book. (no, really!) If you are using a scythe to cut grass, you have to pause periodically and sharpen it. If you spend all your time sharpening, nothing will get done, but if you don't pause and sharpen when you need to, you'll be working hard to no purpose. So you need to plan to have time to renew yourself and take care of yourself, especially when you know you'll have a lot of work to do, and you'll find by taking that five minutes to visit the bathroom, have some water, and eat your cheese stick or whatever, you'll discover you are immensely more productive in the long run.

  • mmccloy12mmccloy12 Posts: 116Member, Premium Member Posts: 116Member, Premium Member
    @theleadmare thank you! I meal prep at the beginning of the week. I have lots of healthy snacks and lunch. The problem is finding the time to eat. We went from a staff of 7 to 2. I hope I can still make time to sit down and eat and not let myself get too hungry
  • hlr1987hlr1987 Posts: 76Member Member Posts: 76Member Member
    @mmccloy12 I'm sorry things are so stressful, but it sounds like you're doing great in anticipating where it might be a struggle and trying to prepare for that rather than just react. I'm working on saying to myself, yes, this is going to be a tough situation but that's not going to be my excuse to fall apart.
    I absolutely do not want to overreach here, or offend so I'm sorry if I'm wildly off the mark, but with the dating, it sounds like you kind of find ways to be rejected, because you know what that feels like, so subconsciously it's less scary and it can be an excuse to wallow in food for comfort. I know just as many people who are overweight in relationships as the other way around, and I know just as many single slim people who wish they had someone. So logically, it's not a turn off for every man in the world, and by choosing not to share an honest picture you're giving yourself something to blame if it goes wrong because that's more familiar to you and its a form of rejection you can put in a box and not examine the feelings around. If you change your picture, what happens? You might get fewer dates but you go into them with a better chance of meeting someone compatible surely?
  • mmccloy12mmccloy12 Posts: 116Member, Premium Member Posts: 116Member, Premium Member
    @hlr1987 I hear you, thank you! I was always honest in my profile and in my chats about my size. I always chose the "big and tall" and I really don't have any full length pictures of myself because I have always been self conscience of my size. Online dating is very hard, not sure if you ever have had to do it. Again, I hear what your saying and you may be right that I was avoiding the rejection by not posting a honest picture. I didn't have one because of the way I feel about myself. To be honest, I don't care to do the online dating anymore. But I appreciate your advice.

    The point of my post was that I have to stop feeling *kitten* about myself and discussing the podcast that addresses this. I was venting to get it out of my head and stop feeling the way I was feeling. She discusses writing a journal in some of the podcasts and I guess this was my journal for yesterday. It was a really hard day and for once I didn't go to food and drink to get through it! Well, I did have some chocolate...but it fit into my calories :D
  • hlr1987hlr1987 Posts: 76Member Member Posts: 76Member Member
    @mmccloy12 sorry for over reading into what you wrote, and I completely get the need to rant every so often.
    I've been listening on my laptop in work and making notes while I listen on moments that resonate with me. I feel a bit stupid talking about these things in real life, especially with people who just don't have a problem with food!
  • theleadmaretheleadmare Posts: 345Member Member Posts: 345Member Member
    Well, despite heavy disappointment over the house and a massive ugly weeping fit and anger and depression....

    I didn't have binging or eating more come to mind. That night, or the next day, or today.

    This is a great relief to know that I've healed this much, and that the changes I made to my diet and life are not just "fair-weather" changes. They will stand and hold for me. Yay!
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