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What are the top 3 things you love about working out besides weight loss/muscle gain?

sdavis484sdavis484 Posts: 145Member Member Posts: 145Member Member
Mine are:
1. It makes me impressed with my body seeing how strong and able it is.
2. It greatly improves my mood/anxiety (just ask my family lol).
3. I am a huge extrovert/stay at home mom and it makes me happy just being around other people.


  • TriathleteDebTriathleteDeb Posts: 15Member Member Posts: 15Member Member
    1. More positive outlook
    2. Increased energy
    3. Gaining a fitness community
  • fiddletimefiddletime Posts: 1,850Member Member Posts: 1,850Member Member
    Home work out- it’s the way I start my day and makes me feel mentally and physically balanced and stronger.

    At gym- like the people and workout community and do things I’d never push myself to do at home in my strength and endurance class.

    I’m 65.
  • girlwithcurls2girlwithcurls2 Posts: 1,913Member Member Posts: 1,913Member Member
    1. Feeling strong.
    2. Being able to do something physically challenging just because I want to- sign up for a 10K, go for a great hike that someone else found, etc.
    3. And my biggest favorite thing.... <drumroll, please> AN AWESOME NIGHT'S SLEEP!!!
  • claireychn074claireychn074 Posts: 238Member, Premium Member Posts: 238Member, Premium Member
    1. It’s my time, the only thing I do totally for me
    2. Makes me relax
    3. I have a great crowd of gym buddies who are there if I need support
  • GiddyupTimGiddyupTim Posts: 2,787Member Member Posts: 2,787Member Member
    1. The joy of movement.
    2. The diversion, since I don't drink or have many other serious hobbies.
    3. Being outside, since I work inside, at home.
  • quiksylver296quiksylver296 Posts: 26,139Member Member Posts: 26,139Member Member
    1. Mental focus/training
    2. Feeling badass
    3. Gym fam
  • sardelsasardelsa Posts: 8,826Member Member Posts: 8,826Member Member
    1. It's fun and gives me stress relief
    2. The good tunes
    3. Trying out new exercises and experimenting
  • vivo1972vivo1972 Posts: 105Member Member Posts: 105Member Member
    1) Being alone exploring new trails and feeling at one with the elements
    2) Riding with friends occasionally and stopping halfway for coffee, chat and cake
    3) It's very zen and great for mental health and clarity
    edited February 11
  • ElizabethKalmbachElizabethKalmbach Posts: 1,360Member Member Posts: 1,360Member Member
    1. Being able to do really impressive playground stuff for being "someone's MOM."
    2. Being able to do what I love without help. (I make really big tents. People who have just met me sometimes try to help me put up my tent. The people who know me hold them back and whisper, "Just watch. It's magic." Tent canvas weighs about a pound a yard. Some of my tents involved about 70 yards of canvas, all of which I had to fold repeatedly and shove through a sewing machine. :D )
    3. Knowing my body well enough to speed up PT and help guide my therapist when bits of me inevitably try to break.
  • sweetbe44sweetbe44 Posts: 190Member, Premium Member Posts: 190Member, Premium Member
    How good and energized I feel after.
    Reaching a personal best.
    Stress relief
  • OdiroEasyOdiroEasy Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    1) Peace and quiet and in the zone.
    2) Sore muscles that feel so good when you massage it.
    3) Feeling strong.
  • hlr1987hlr1987 Posts: 81Member Member Posts: 81Member Member
    1. Being outside and on my own. I struggle if I don't get some time without people around frequently, so it works to de-stress that way, as well as the feel good factor.
    2. Setting a goal and knowing that for the most part it is within my power to achieve it with a well formed plan.
  • HamptonsGuyHamptonsGuy Posts: 66Member Member Posts: 66Member Member
    Feel Better, Sense of Accomplishment, Clears my mind for the day. (I wo in the morning). Looking for more wo buds. feel free to add.
  • Chef_BarbellChef_Barbell Posts: 5,549Member Member Posts: 5,549Member Member
    1. Getting out of the house
    2. Having a hot fit body with awesome glutes.
    3. Helping with my mental illness.
  • katarina005katarina005 Posts: 191Member Member Posts: 191Member Member
    sdavis484 wrote: »
    Mine are:
    1. It makes me impressed with my body seeing how strong and able it is.
    2. It greatly improves my mood/anxiety (just ask my family lol).
    3. I am a huge extrovert/stay at home mom and it makes me happy just being around other people.

    I like the psychological benefit of feeling accomplished. It's a stress reliever to me, get the music going, feel powerful after I attack the stair machine. And beat myself at a level I set for myself, is rewarding.
    It's fun, aerobics and activities like dancing.
    And I feel less guilty about eating that brownie when I get home!
  • spraytanninghelensspraytanninghelens Posts: 82Member Member Posts: 82Member Member
    My escape, time just for me when all I need to think about is my training.
    Keeps me fit & healthy
    Anxiety relief and great de stressor
  • SnifterPugSnifterPug Posts: 256Member Member Posts: 256Member Member
    Improved confidence
    Makes me feel good
    Striving for (and finally achieving) a tough goal
  • gwinhart17gwinhart17 Posts: 15Member Member Posts: 15Member Member
    It gives me so much ENERGY throughout the day!

    It suppresses my appetite

    I feel proud of myself, more confident, strong, and I accomplished something positive

    I sleep better at night

    It greatly improves any anxiety and depression symptoms, and my mood

    It encourages me to make better choices

    Me time, and striving for the best version of me!

    It's fun, it makes me happy, I laugh and have a good time with my workout buddies (my sister and niece 🙂)

    I problem solve differently, i feel unstoppable. I set goals and crush them!

    I have muscles!!!! Lol

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