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Juice Cleanse - worthwhile or worthless?

Rannoch3908Rannoch3908 Posts: 36Member Member Posts: 36Member Member
My wife wanted to start out our journey doing a three day juice cleanse.

They are very expensive and the more I read the more it seems like we should just eat more fruit and veggies and drink more water and we'll be doing the same thing. Many people say they are more harmful than good.


  • cwolfman13cwolfman13 Posts: 37,599Member Member Posts: 37,599Member Member
    A juice cleanse is worthless. What exactly would it cleanse you of?
  • dbanks80dbanks80 Posts: 3,531Member Member Posts: 3,531Member Member
    Juice cleanses helps me with constipation.
  • JruzerJruzer Posts: 3,370Member Member Posts: 3,370Member Member
    Worthless - and possibly detrimental. Avoid.
  • COGypsyCOGypsy Posts: 555Member Member Posts: 555Member Member
    Waste of money but also a waste of good fibre.

    If you have money to spare for a juice cleanse, then you have money spare for one of those workout programs you don't want to buy ;)

    Yeah, check the prices and you'll probably make the choice right there. I buy juice "cleanse" packages from my local shop from time to time when I'm not tolerating solid food well. It's about $150 for three days of six juices a day. That's for one person. For me, it's totally worth it at those times because it's at least some calories and nutrition, but I find it to be extremely expensive and totally unnecessary when I can just eat real food.
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