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Started out at 35stone 1lb (491lb)....Now 33stone 5lb (467lb) ;-)

whitevanman1530whitevanman1530 Member Posts: 17 Member Member Posts: 17 Member
Today I step on the scales and I now weigh 33stone 5lb (467lb). Started this journey 30days ago. I can not believe my eyes. (Not took photo of 35stone 1lb scales read out). Happy :-)h3dqcqd8c2bj.jpgmy3f1xsp6sos.jpg


  • estherpotter1estherpotter1 Member Posts: 125 Member Member Posts: 125 Member
    great going!
  • viltaireviltaire Member Posts: 4 Member Member Posts: 4 Member
    I started 2 weeks ago. great job, keep at it.
  • harleyhearseharleyhearse Member Posts: 8 Member Member Posts: 8 Member
    Great job! I started out Jan 9th,2020 at around 465lbs +/-. My last weigh in was Feb 6th 430.5lbs. With determination and proper nutrition you can do this! Everyday I feel better and get stronger! Add me as a friend (If you wish) on here. (MFP) I have a small but very supportive group of friends, I am searching for friends on here who are on a similar journey. I hope you have a great day!
  • NovusDiesNovusDies Member, Premium Posts: 7,714 Member Member, Premium Posts: 7,714 Member
    That is great and hopefully you are feeling the results of less weight to carry around. Just keep at it. Do not quit for any reason. No mistake you will ever make is worth quitting over. I am 2 years and over 200 pounds lost into this process and I have thoroughly transformed my life. It sounds like a long time but for me it was just one day at a time and most, not all, of those days I lost some weight.

  • merph518merph518 Member, Premium Posts: 700 Member Member, Premium Posts: 700 Member
    Awesome. I feel like getting started is the hardest part. Once you start to establish better habits and you start to see results in the scale and mirror, it gets easier.

    I started at 386 and 13 months later I've worked down to 278 or so. The road has been bumpy, but it's doable. I hope to see you do well in your future efforts.

    Keep at it!
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  • ButtermelloButtermello Member Posts: 112 Member Member Posts: 112 Member
    Great job! Keep up the good work!
  • Nanaluvs2sweatNanaluvs2sweat Member Posts: 97 Member Member Posts: 97 Member
    Way to go! Keep that momentum going!!
  • vampirequeen1959vampirequeen1959 Member Posts: 197 Member Member Posts: 197 Member
  • cupcakesandproteinshakescupcakesandproteinshakes Member Posts: 767 Member Member Posts: 767 Member
    Fantastic. There’s lots of people here to help if you reach out.
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