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Less Alcohol - MARCH 2020 - One Day at a Time



  • LoveyCharLoveyChar Member Posts: 1,044 Member Member Posts: 1,044 Member
    @helen_goldthorpe Passing up free food or wine is usually very difficult for me! Good luck 🍀 on your race tomorrow!
  • dawnbgethealthydawnbgethealthy Member Posts: 1,997 Member Member Posts: 1,997 Member
    Thank you so much @globalhiker
    Really good tips and suggestions.
    I have a big garden and freeze lots of stuff, but many of the vegetables don't have much fibre at all.
    I have been trying to have a serving of lentils or beans each day for the fibre, and a friend got me on to Metamucil which is 3 grams. I hadn't thought of cabbage (coleslaw) I will check it out.
    I will have to look into adding some more grains too.
    I will indeed Google high fibre foods that control cravings, and I will definitely be trying out some of your suggestions : - )

    I went from 6 grams of fibre per day up to around 11 grams on average, but 22 grams per day is the suggestion for optimum.

    Frosted mini wheats @whitpauly ? What a fabulous idea! I never think of cereals, but I will have to check out the fibre and calorie content. I rarely get enough carbs either, so that could be a win win.
    Half of my pie chart each day is fat, every time I try to get more protein the items contain a great deal of fat, like meats, eggs, unsalted nuts etc.
  • dawnbgethealthydawnbgethealthy Member Posts: 1,997 Member Member Posts: 1,997 Member
    Wow, @globalhiker , sounds like my kitchen, with trays of veggies roasting in the toaster oven. For the "I gotta nibble on something" times, how about homemade kale chips ? Good with ethnic spices, and they keep crispy.
    My proteins [including fish and venison ] are usually served on a bed of romaine and other colorful greens instead of my beloved carbs. I almost don't miss them. Almost.
    Bonus...a nice glass of vino is really not compatible with the sprinkle of vinegar or lemon on my greens. Less alcohol !!
    P.S. don't confuse iceberg lettuce with real food....

    As well as Iceberg, Romaine has got a pretty bad rep for having little or no nutrients also. I do grow it, but the environmental cost of trucking it around if it doesn't have nutrients doesn't add up.
    I know what you mean about some foods not lending themselves well to alcohol. I eat completely differently on the days where I do plan on alcohol, which is another reason that alcohol is very bad for the waistline.
  • dawnbgethealthydawnbgethealthy Member Posts: 1,997 Member Member Posts: 1,997 Member
    Oatmeal! Yes, good suggestion @MissMay!
    I will have some tomorrow : - )
  • dawnbgethealthydawnbgethealthy Member Posts: 1,997 Member Member Posts: 1,997 Member
    Tonight will be 6/6. Some significant challenges this week (free wine at an event, work stress) but I've managed ok. I'm racing tomorrow morning so resisted the temptation to open Friday night wine, which always used to be my routine. I might have a drink tomorrow depending how the race goes.

    Good luck on your race, let us know how it goes. (and we do like photos)
  • whitpaulywhitpauly Member Posts: 1,422 Member Member Posts: 1,422 Member
    6:32 am in Vegas another 24, I wonder if growing lettuce would work in Vegas? I happen to love iceberg btw, I know it's useless but sometimes I like the ingredients in the salad to be the star and iceberg is so bland it doesn't overpower the cheese, bacon, croutons, etc! Anyone concerned about this coronaviris? Or do you think it's just a media hype? I've read of people stocking up on tp, water, food and of course booze, went to bath and body works yesterday and they had a sign on the door "out of all hand sanitizer" and the line around Costco was wrapped around the building like it was black Friday! Hope everyone has a fab day 💖
  • WinoGelatoWinoGelato Member Posts: 13,472 Member Member Posts: 13,472 Member
    Day 6 AF done! Friday nights are always a bit tough. Husband calls at 5pm to ask if I want anything from the store and my brain automatically thinks YES, WINE. But I stop myself and respond No, I am fine. I hang up. Then I have a very strong impulse to call him back and say, wait, it's Friday, can you pick up wine?

    But I negotiate with myself and say No, silly. Because if you start Friday, you know you will "blow it" for the weekend and drink Saturday and Sunday. Then you will feel bad because you blew your monthly goal and you will just rationalize that you will start next month. Quit thinking stupid.

    So I didn't call him back. 30 seconds or less of really strong irritability passes then I pour myself a cranberry juice in my wine glass and distracted myself by cooking dinner. The whole mental struggle passed. We had a happy dinner at home at forgot all about wine.

    When I first joined this group I had a lot of those internal debates between drinking brain and sober brain. I don’t have them that often anymore but I have been thinking to myself - do I need to plan out my days that I will be “allowed” to drink at the beginning of the month or can I go back to more of a casual approach where if I decide to have a glass of wine with dinner on Weds then it’s not something to feel like I have failed. I’m still trying to figure that out.

    On one hand I no longer feel as concerned about proving that I CAN have AF days regularly without white knuckling it. Secondly, I sometimes think that now I have it in my head that I’m only drinking on x, y and z day each week I then take that to the extreme and drink one or two more glasses than I probably should.

    On the other - I plan out my indulgent eating days so why wouldn’t I take the same approach to consuming alcohol and consider when and how that fits into my overall plan.

    So yeah even after 2 years of practicing mindful moderation ( has it really been that long @MissMay !?) I still realize I need to be mindful about this. Which again - I’ve been a dedicated MFP member for 6 years and while I reached my original weight loss goal and stuck around to track during maintenance, when I wasn’t as diligent about it in the last year, the weight crept back on. So I’m back to paying more attention to that too - I suspect I need to keep a close watch on the alcohol also and not get too casual about it lest mindful moderation turns into mindless routine.
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