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    @hipari My deepest sympathies for the nausea. :flowerforyou: I can totally imagine how masks make it worse.
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    After my first moderna shot the pharmacist didn't say anything about avoiding painkillers. This time I was told to take Tylenol and avoid ibuprofin. I just checked the CDC guidance and it doesn't suggest any restrictions post shot. Any ideas why there is a difference?
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    For what I read, there are concerns that pain killers, especially ibuprofen and anti-inflammatory med and mostly before vaccination, may interfere with the immune response to the vaccine.

    After each of my shots the nurses also recommended to take Tylenol, if needed to control any aches and pain, and to stay away from ibuprofen. There are conflicting information about both of them; so to be safe I chose to take one 500mg Tylenol at night. See below

    Can I take Ibuprofen before or after a COVID-19 vaccine?
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    I just got my second Moderna shot. Definitely felt it going in this time; either because it was a different pharmacist or it was the chip going in. ;)

    It was definately the chip. I got mine in the first shot. I totally felt that sucker. 😉

    I think you are a little early, but it's coming.
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    Woohoo! Got the fever. Have had every side effect listed.

    Ummm.. I hope no anaphylaxis, shingles or blood clots! Not sure which you got but they are the two I'm worried about when I get mine which will be AstraZeneca. You sound rather happy though so that is good :) I'm going for a shingles shot before it I think. I'm old enough now.