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Help!! The Gyms are closedd..

KareemKmzKareemKmz Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
All the gyms are closed in my country, and thiss iss a terrible thing that could ever happen.. I got through a lay offf and I started to workout 1 month ago and am in a stage where I really reallyy should continue on what am doing anyone got any ideas or recommendations for a great workout I really don’t know what to do and it’s a serious topic I CANT LOSE *kitten* WAIT


  • nutmegoreonutmegoreo Posts: 15,393Member Member Posts: 15,393Member Member
    Look up "You are your own gym" and "Convict conditioning"
  • ChieflrgChieflrg Posts: 8,189Member Member Posts: 8,189Member Member
    Please define what your workout was in a gym and your goal(s) would be helpful.
  • psuLemonpsuLemon Posts: 35,857Member, MFP Moderator, Greeter, Premium MFP Moderator Posts: 35,857Member, MFP Moderator, Greeter, Premium MFP Moderator
    Not very specific towards a goal but AthleanX has some good stuff. Below is a pretty good place to start for a full body workout series

  • sgt1372sgt1372 Posts: 3,439Member Member Posts: 3,439Member Member
    Lots of things that you can do w/o a gym or exercise equipment at home to stay in shape.


    No wts? Fill sandbags/buckets full of sand and bottles full of water & lift or carry them

    Take a sledge hammer and bang dirt w/it. Or go and chop some dead trees in the woods.

    Go hiking. Climb a steep hill. Put some sandbags in a backpack 2 make it more difficult.

    The possibilities are endless.
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  • DevonKarolineDevonKaroline Posts: 19Member Member Posts: 19Member Member
    Typically, Split squat/lunge variations, Single leg hip thrust variations, pull-up and push-up variations are good go-to's with minimal equipment. Since you're not using as much load, you'll want to take each set close to failure.

    Here's a playlist of ideas for at-home workouts:
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