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  • GlossbergGlossberg Posts: 40Member Member Posts: 40Member Member
    There is nothing really changing exercise wise for me luckily. I have been doing all of my strength training workouts 4-5 times per week from home as I always have. I also go for short runs outdoors a couple times a week.

    My only concern is maintaining stock for protein consumption. I typically eat around 180-200g of protein per day through chicken, fish, lean ground turkey, etc. Unfortunately, it is getting more and more difficult to find those items in stores. I have some extra in the freezer (I didn’t hoard, it’s just extra I have always had) but it will be all gone in a few weeks if I can’t find anymore to restock.
  • FossilFusionFossilFusion Posts: 7Member Member Posts: 7Member Member
    Luckily I have dumbells, a barbell and some kettle bells at home.

    I have been lifting everyday at home except weekends. I also have been doing 2 HIITs a day, 5 Times a week. Some are light ones and some are tougher ones.

    I have been snacking on quite a lot of junk food mainly chocolate and biscuits this past couple of weeks due to stress and anxiety thanks to the current predicament. But I know when it calms down in the future I can go back to my usual eating. So I probably will gain a lot of fat at the moment. Nevermind for now. Stay strong guys and Stay safe everyone ❤️
  • kcmcbeekcmcbee Posts: 128Member Member Posts: 128Member Member
    nowine4me wrote: »
    I feel like I’m turning a corner. Got the exercise back on track, and food. Yet there’s still a little problem with wine....just 2 glasses a night is about 250 cals and wipes out any deficit. I’m already up 5 pounds, so need to get my s*it together.

    Well it’s either that or you’ll have to change your username. Ugh what a pain that would be! 😁
  • MelanieCN77MelanieCN77 Posts: 3,916Member Member Posts: 3,916Member Member
    NHDaisy2 wrote: »
    Today was MUCH better for me. I woke up at my normal time, took my usual morning walk showered and dressed like a normal day. I worked until lunch, ate my regular meal-prepped lunch and will work until 5. Another walk during what would be my commute home time. Keeping a schedule is going to be mission critical for me

    As someone who works from home all the time - all of what you described is exactly what will help you succeed. ROUTINE is the key. It's a different routine than when I was working in the office but, I do have a daily routine that I rarely stray from. And dressing in normal clothes is a must for me - no strethcy pants (occasionally), no pajamas...

    Routine - and even write it down if you want to, and include a food plan. I already work at home and am practiced at it, and got restless and off track even so. I would also say you gotta move your workstation somewhere dedicated to only that, if you can.
  • SummerSkierSummerSkier Posts: 1,195Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,195Member, Premium Member
    So week 3 for WFH fulltime here. Week 1 was pretty good but I found myself backsliding a little on week 2. So determined this week to get back to good routines. For me that meant making sure that I got up at my normal time instead of snoozing another 15 minutes. It meant getting my run and morning shower etc all in BEFORE my first meeting instead of just taking the meeting in gym workout stuff. etc etc etc... To me it's the small things that start to add up to a slippery slope.
  • Bry_Fitness70Bry_Fitness70 Posts: 2,477Member Member Posts: 2,477Member Member
    I went from working half the time at home to full time, so it wasn't a drastic change. I have done everything I possibly can to make this period "business as usual." I eat the same amount on roughly the same schedule as I did (actually healthier, I haven't eaten bar food or any other type of outside food in over two weeks and lost a few pounds) and I work out consistently (patched together some weights and use my treadmill, indoor cycling trainer, and punching bag). I get a few more hours of sleep per week without having to get up early to commute to the office.

    Full disclosure, food is mostly just fuel to me. Food has never been my friend, a stress reliever, or a cure for boredom, so I'm probably more resilient to over-eating in these types of situations.
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