Covid-19 (not virus, but #)

For those that are new to working from home, what are you doing to avoid gaining weight during this time? My desk and kitchen are one in the same, next to the pantry. Light schedule and boredom eating is setting in. I’m lucky to have nice walking trails and a gym in the garage, but still need to keep the wheels turning for work. Not to mention the drinking....


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    @SummerSkier I really could use my monitor too. I’m planning to grab it this week. Maybe move to the dining room table for a change of scenery.
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    I'm still in losing mode myself, but I set my computer up in the spare bedroom in the back of the house on the opposite end from the kitchen, and I have an elliptical in there. If the weather is agreeable I'll walk, but since its supposed to rain most of this week, that elliptical is going to get a workout!
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    I do jumping jacks when boredom starts to set in.
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    I have a home office set up in a nook in the master bedroom. We set it up shortly after we moved in for those times the kids are sick or whatever and we needed to work from home. My kids are home with me, so I'm not nearly as productive as when I'm in the office, but that's ok...bigger fish to fry right now. We've been starting our mornings off with a nice long walk to get some fresh air, and since I now longer have a 2 hour daily commute I've had some more time to get my rides in. Also doing some bodyweight stuff and band work. I'm also not a stress eater...opposite, I lose my appetite when I'm anxious or stressed and typically have to force feed. I've been focusing more on calorie dense things like peanut butter sandwiches and whatnot since I don't have much of an appetite. I actually lost 1.5 Lbs last week...I'm trying to cut some winter weight anyway, but that's a bit fast for me.

    Your commute sounds a bit like mine... :) I was thinking this morning that I could use that time to exercise for an hour in the morning and another hour once I'm done with work.

    Edited to add that I'm glad you're focusing on getting the calories you need.
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    Today was MUCH better for me. I woke up at my normal time, took my usual morning walk showered and dressed like a normal day. I worked until lunch, ate my regular meal-prepped lunch and will work until 5. Another walk during what would be my commute home time. Keeping a schedule is going to be mission critical for me

    It absolutely is for me.