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Can I export data out of MFP that lets me see calories in, vs calories out

norman_catesnorman_cates Posts: 49Member, Premium Member Posts: 49Member, Premium Member
WE enter all this information about calories we eat, vs calories we put out.

But I just recently realised that there is no way in the web page or the phone app to do a comaprison. eg. calories in vs calories out. But also to show the macro nutrient breakdowns at the same time.,

SO the only way to do it is to export the data, then massage it into a spreadsheet.

Is this possible before I continue any further with MFP?


  • PAV8888PAV8888 Posts: 6,729Member Member Posts: 6,729Member Member
    There exists a "reports" section and a premium (paid) export feature. I would say that heavy analysis would require workarounds or investing in premium. Your food diary shows your calories in and your macro breakdown. You can create from the web food diary a report that would show you several days of food consumption. The android app shows you your nutrition by day and by week. I believe that, again, it shows you even more with a paid subscription.

    Whether there are better bargains out there, I am not sure, would love to find out! A quick look around says that restricting some of the more appealing app features to paid users is a common monetizing strategy.
  • norman_catesnorman_cates Posts: 49Member, Premium Member Posts: 49Member, Premium Member
    I have premium. And glad to export data to munge it around. But I then found that MFP has lost my data that I need. The vast majority of my historical data is missing off the website. It appears to be on my phone. They appear to be incapable of forcing my phone to upload it's data to the website.
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