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Hello. I am a 27 year old female and weigh around 140lbs. I had surgery last year in August to remove part of my thyroid. I was very hyperactive for years and now I am on the edge of normal and hypo. Though we are still working to get to a high normal because that is where I function best. I don't really feel all that great about myself. You can see ribs and hip bones but I feel like I have a pudgy and very flabby, jiggly stomach and thighs. I have been trying to do more resistance training at home as I can't afford a gym right now. I never really know what to do but have been doing some of the workout calendars from Blogilates. I also have been working to increase my water and protein intake though I still don't eat enough or enough good food somedays. I am looking for any advice on what to do next. I don't think I am horribly overweight or anything but I don't really understand why it is so hard to just be in shape. I mean my whole stomach jiggles when I walk and I haven't had any kids yet. Your advice is appreciated.


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