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    I didn’t log any food except breakfast yesterday. My mom, sister, and her boyfriend came over for a bit yesterday and we sat around the fire pit in our driveway in the sun. It was glorious! We drank wine and laughed. Ahhhhh my mental health is much better today.

    Upcoming week goals
    *Keep logging food
    *Stay under calories at least one more time than I did last week
    *Exercise one more time than last week
    *Drink more water
    *Have adult beverages every other day(or share with hubby)
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    Hey All! I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately.... but I wanted to get on here and catch up. I was doing much better when I made this apart of my regular routine. So current I’m trying to come up with a meal plan for the week to come and get back to logging regularly
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    @bumpbreakcar - Setting up a meal plan is a great way to to help focus on your nutrition goal(s) for this week. It’s so good to see your progress update! I’ll look forward to hearing how it goes for you with the meal planning.

    @beshamama - What an uplifting message! I’m so glad to hear you were able to spend time with your family. I bet they loved meeting Coco - and seeing your new puppy interact with Snoopy - so I’m guessing that was the motivation that helped them brave the cold ...

    🥶 ➕ 🐾 🐕‍🦺 = ❤️🔥❤️

    My husband kept pouring wine with dinner, so my empty/ alcohol calories have been higher this week, but I’m working to strike the balance in limiting the amount to 2-3 ounces instead of a typical glass (~ 5 ounces?) so he feels as though he has company but I keep my consumption low. I’m increasingly feeling the negative affects that even a small amount of alcohol has on my sleep. It’s been interesting to pay attention to the increased restlessness and I’m still trying to determine if it’s a result of stressful deadlines this week or the extra alcohol. TBD ....

    I hope everyone is having a good week. I’m doing alright but not exceeding any minimum standards. I’ll report in more detail on Wednesday night or Thursday morning (which begins a new week & reassessment of my goals). Best wishes!
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    @bumpbreakcar, @beshamama and anyone else who set goals for this week: How is your plan going?

    Here’s my weekly update:

    Weight = No change 133-134 (~60.5 kg) but the scale dipped into 132 territory one day this week ... so I’m sure it will get there eventually.

    (1) PT 2x week ✅✅ & PT home exercises 2x ❌
    (2) Personal trainer — Done ✅✅
    (3) Yoga - ✅✅
    (4) Add at least one new cardio activity ❌ I did an extra strength training but no cardio. The weather was really nice two days but I had a heavy work load so I didn’t get outside to enjoy it.
    (5) Accomplish at least 2 professional goals ✅✅
    (6) Write 3 letters (or send packages) to niece and nephews who had birthdays recently — We sent packages to our two sons & I texted my nephew for his new address but I still need to finish this goal. ❌ - I made some good connections and reached out to some family and friend via text and phone calls so I’m not too disappointed. I’ll concentrate on this goal in the coming week.

    I made good progress on my work/career goals and the positive momentum is really building. I even submitted a proposal which looks very promising. One one of the projects suffered some funding cuts because the agency budget is suffering due to Covid, but they’ve still been asking me to do the same level of work. They’re paying me but the money will run out before the year ends so this new proposal could fill the gap.

    Going to PT is not really a goal because I always make it to my in-person appointments, which was a good shift for me since the Telehealth sessions were not as productive. This week, I’ll concentrate on the PT ‘homework’ exclusively instead. I’m also removing the personal trainer and yoga goals since those habits are in place. So, this week’s goals are:

    (1) Send the damn cards and packages to my nieces and nephews. The goal is to prepare ONE, even if I don’t send it until next week. Saturday is my goal date for completion.
    (2) Add one cardio workout... or even a leisurely walk if the weather is nice and an outside break would brighten the day.
    (3) Finish ONE end of year report and submit two monthly invoices.
    (4) Initiate a contract for bookkeeping support that includes training that will benefit my sons, while also helping my husband’s company.

    Best wishes to everyone on the coming weekend! Go get those goals!!
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    I’m logging most my food....sometimes mini eggs sneak in 🤣 I have exercised most days and plan on continuing exercising most days.

    Puppy is keeping me busy....she discovered she can crawl under our couch and is finding all kind of treasures 😱
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    @beshamama - It’s great to hear you’re logging your food most days, and it’s fine if mini eggs (chocolate eggs, right?) slip in as long as you log them! 🧐

    I was reading through some of the ‘must read’ threads recommended by MFP moderators and members, and I saw a success story about someone who analyzed her diary with the perspective of a young learner, asking “What do I see/observe? What do I wonder? ... and she noticed patterns in her data that she could address, such as feeling hungrier at night but not so much in the morning. So, she tested out slight adjustments, like saving more calories for her evening meal and trading out some food choices for others. It wasn’t a big ‘AHA’ kind of story but her message had an upbeat and positive appeal to it.

    At this point, for me, it isn’t so much about ‘knowing’ what we should do; it’s more about figuring out ‘how to’ find a manageable way to ‘do’ what we know to achieve our goals.

    That’s a funny example of the dog finding ‘treasures’ ... just think of the energy and cost savings because you don’t need to vacuum or invest in a Zoomba (or whatever those little cleaning robots are called). There’s so much potential with a new puppy!

    Enjoy the weekend, everyone!
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    @PatriceFitnessPal I know my problem is feeling hungry and then overeating to get rid of that feeling. I grew up poor and went to bed hungry a lot as a child and I really really don’t want to feel that way as an adult. So I need to research foods that make me feel fuller longer. And I need to keep buying fresh fruits and veggies to eat when I feel starved. If I can’t figure it out for myself I’m hoping to at least impart my good intentions onto my daughters.

    In other news it is in the 40s where I live so it feels like summer! We are going to go do a backyard hang out with my in-laws and tomorrow we are planning on going on on a hike. As much as I love my snow and winter I have to admit the warmer weather is nice. Have a great weekend everyone!
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    Good day all. Been ages since I have been on. Been doing alright. Weight has dropped down to 158 final and my eating has been a lot better. Just got myself a new Fitbit Versa 3 so that my new motivation. Just finished 45 min on the treadmill burning 456 cals.
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    Hey all

    So yesterday was my ten year wedding anniversary. I ate and drink everything I wanted lol. I plan to go to market Sunday getting some stuff so I can start doing my green smoothies in the AM. Some fresh fruit and veggies for snacks. Also I purchased this 7 day detox that I plan to start on Monday! Figured it would be perfect timing considering that I’ve been enjoying mysel quiet a bit! Lol

    I have a fitbit now too so I have to work on getting more steps in. Hopefully the weather allows for that...

    Speaking of steps and being active outside... anyone hear about the cicadas!? I live in MD and apparently we’re supposed to be the epicenter 😣😫 it shall be interesting lol
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    @beshamama - You expressed really great insights into the underlying emotions of your late-night eating and you have a healthy perspective on coping with the trauma to make sure your experience doesn’t transfer to your daughters. I was born in public housing, in a low-income inner-city neighborhood, and witnessed lots of food scarcity; but, I was fortunate not to feel the stressful physical and psychological effects of food insecurity. Good for you (and your family) for overcoming the tough cycle of poverty.

    These childhood experiences can really shape our identities in important ways. I’m not sure if you are familiar with the ‘ACEs’ studies of Adverse Childhood Experiences but some of my work now is dedicated to building resilience so children and families can recognize the risks and learn to better respond to these early experiences. Sometimes that means learning to cope ... and I believe many people actually can thrive because of the essential skills we often build through adversity.

    During the pandemic, I think I worried a little less about job loss than some people because I’ve worked lots of different jobs to survive in the past. I’d certainly PREFER not to experience the lack of sleep and stress of living paycheck to paycheck again but I’m fairly confident I’d make it through to the other side if I lost my professional job. I didn’t want my sons to have to take out expensive loans to get through college but I knew education could help boost their futures and it’s possible to accomplish through loans that compliment their college savings (though not ideal).

    The problem I had to deal with in terms of emotional eating due to poverty was that my mother didn’t have a lot of time to shop while working and raising four children. My father was trying to break into the difficult field of becoming a professional athlete - and he was an early pioneer in exploring the connections between healthy eating and training routines and elite performance - so he spent a lot of his time dedicated to those pursuits. He was away from home a lot — studying in college while also playing hockey during the season, working extra long hours and also training in summer, living at train camps in other states for the Olympics, and traveling as part of the winter season).

    My parents shaped my relationship with food in very different ways. Since my mother was pressed for time, whenever she went grocery shopping and brought back ‘treats,” there was competition in the household (4 kids, mother, grandmother, uncle, and sometimes Dad) to eat the ‘special’ food while it lasted. I would often hide things for later but, usually, I’d eat my favorite things as soon as possible. It wasn’t until I was raising my own kids that I recognized many of the unhealthy habits I built because of those early experiences. I had to remind myself that there was no need to feel pressured to sample everything right away, and that even if we ran out, we could always pick up more.

    I also told my children they could label something they wanted to eat later so they didn’t feel they needed to sneak or hide food they enjoyed ... but reminded them how important it is to prepare balanced meals that nourish our bodies and build healthy portions, especially when the options are less healthy. It hasn’t been perfect by a long shot, and sports have caused some unhealthy approaches in other ways, but this reflection is already too long so I’ll leave the unhealthy restrictions and need to consider individual needs for another time. 😂

    My parents both did a wonderful job spending quality time with us whenever possible, and taught me that pursuing deep learning, engaging in meaningful relationships, and giving generously to others in the community (whether neighborhood or world) bring more happiness than money. Still, basic needs - like enough food - are essential to making those other things possible! So, I’m most grateful for the simple pleasures you describe @beshamama. Enjoying time together and learning what makes each of us ‘tick’ is so special. Have fun with your family in the coming 40 degree ‘summer’ weather!

    Take care and sorry for the long message in response to your comment. The topic of food insecurity and overcoming early trauma is just all around me in my work these days so I really appreciate this space as a place to process my feelings. Thank you, Accountability buddies!

    P.S. - I love winter activities, too, but I’d much rather travel to them a couple of times a year, rather than put up with the darker days daily. So, I look forward to the longer days with more sunlight! It’s rainy here today but I’m hoping to get outside as soon as it breaks.
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    @renaegry - It’s great to hear from you! Congratulations on your progress! I’ve lost a couple of Fitbit bands before I could build the habit of using them. I end up taking it off to charge it and then the pieces get separated somehow so I lose them. I really like the idea of capturing sleep data and tracking the number of steps covered each day, but I’m hesitant to buy another one. I’m considering it as a non-food reward in the future. I’ll be sure to set aside a specific place to keep it - or a process that works - for recharging.

    @bumpbreakcar - Happy anniversary! It sounds as though you enjoyed the celebration so I wouldn’t worry about one day of overindulgence. I really like green smoothies but I don’t make them much. I’ll watch for any tips you have for incorporating them into your daily routine (e.g., morning, afternoon snack, or replacing certain meals?). I stop for a ‘Tropical Island Green’ smoothie on my way home from rowing in the summer and it’s so refreshing!

    We are also expecting lots of cicadas this year. The last time they hatched - 17 years ago? - our City had to plan ways to keep the rat population in check. I guess the extra protein increases their survival and enables them to thrive 😱 🐀 😱. I don’t mind the loud chirping of the cicadas while I’m sitting on my porch ... but no rats allowed inside!! Cicadas also threaten small trees and we’ve been planning some landscaping updates to our yard so I appreciate the reminder. We’ll need to hold off on planting trees, and protect our vegetable garden. 😬 Thanks for helping me think through the plans so we can prepare ahead of time and pay more attention to the news! 🙏🏼
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    @PatriceFitnessPal oh my gosh the eating all the treats when they come home is so strong in me too!! I’m pretty sure I listened to a podcast or two that talked about ACE’s Definitely a rabbit hole worth going down 🤣
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    March 1, 2021, New Month, Starting Again....
    Stats as of 2/28/2021 @ 7:00pm est.

    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 265.3
    Body Fat: 33.6%
    Muscle Mass: 63.2%
    Bone Mass: 3.2%
    Body Water: 47.6%
    BMI: 37

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    @cbsldridge76 - Welcome! Do you have any specific goals you are working on this week?

    My main fitness goal for the week is to add one cardio workout by the end of the day on Wednesday.

    I was hoping to meet a friend for a long - but leisurely - walk with our dogs but the weather was terribly rainy this weekend; so, we’re going to see if the weather is nicer early this week. If so, we’ll get outside for a break in our usual schedules and brighten our work day a bit.

    The cardio is supposed to complement my regular efforts to log my meals and stay within my calorie goals. I’ve been doing well attending regular 30-minute workouts with a personal trainer (2 days per week), joining yoga class (2 days per week), and showing up for physical therapy sessions (2 days per week) but none of those activities include much cardio work. So, the idea is to get my heart pumping and blood flowing more regularly ... or at least keep from getting ‘desk chair’ sores from sitting sedentary all day!

    Please check in when you can to let us know how you’re doing in making progress toward your goals ... or share what you’re learning along the way. Best wishes in reaching your goals. It’s good to have you here.
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    Morning all!!

    We had a super productive weekend clearing out in the garden and going for long walks and it really feels like Spring is raising its head!! Was really nice!!

    This is our last full week of homeschooling, then the children go back to school staggered next week. So my goal for this week is to try and move everyday, keep on top of everything at home, and breathe a bit easier as each home lesson finishes and is another one under the belt!!! Sometimes we just have to tread a bit of water for a while, and thats okay!!! :)
    Work is also starting to pick up a bit more, and will in the coming weeks involve leaving the house for some meetings I think...(I worked from home before the pandemic anyway)...I am also super hopeful that we can get back to dog training. So then I need to rework a plan that works in a busier lifestyle. I got so fit in first lockdown, then everything lifted and got busy and I lost it so quickly!!!!
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    @kiay131982 - What a wonderful feeling to complete a family project together AND enjoy some time together! I’m glad you had a chance to bask in some spring weather. Today is sunny here but the whole weekend was washed out by rain. The pace at work also picked up for me, so it was a bit stressful, but I didn’t get derailed on the nutrition side of the equation. I managed to stay within my nutrition goals, which is a positive change for me.

    In the past, I’d try to stay up late to meet a work deadline but I’d spend time snacking or drinking tea to stay awake and still couldn’t focus well. So, it wasn’t usually productive time. Lately, I’ve been taking short breaks for meals and I concentrate on mindful eating with a few minutes to re-energize with some deep breaths. It hasn’t gone perfectly, and I’ve ignored other areas of work-life balance but my overall habits are improving.

    Here’s my weekly update:

    Stats: Female; Age 54; 5’4” tall (or rather short 😉)! and 133 pounds (~60.5)

    (1) Send the damn cards and packages to my nieces and nephews. The goal is to prepare ONE, even if I don’t send it until next week. Saturday is my goal date for completion. ✅ but NOT sent ❌

    (2) Add one cardio workout... or even a leisurely walk if the weather is nice and an outside break would brighten the day. ❌🙄 but attended 2 regular sessions of PT, met the personal trainer 2x and attended one yoga class (though my goal is 2)

    (3) Finish ONE end of year report ✅ Whew!! 😅
    and submit two monthly invoices. ✅❌ (only 1)

    (4) Initiate a contract for bookkeeping support that includes training that will benefit my sons, while also helping my husband’s company ✅

    This last goal took some additional coordination to set up all the accounts and share access, etc. but it will be a real time saver for the invoicing task that I only completed halfway. Given all the deadlines -and proposals writing needed to set up a new client through June - I’m satisfied with what I managed to achieve this week. It was good to set a new goal to add cardio but I didn’t build the habit yet so I’ll focus on that in the coming week. Obviously, I’m still struggling with getting the packages and gifts in the mail but the incremental progress is .... well, progress! My goal is to get to the post office this weekend (rain or shine) and continue to improve my ability to achieve this goal.

    @kiay131982 - My sons needed a little more focused time this week as we worked together through some school and potential work related tasks (e.g., applying for internships, overcoming mid-term challenges and working through multiple bureaucracies in immunization documentation) so I appreciated your reminder about treading water when needed.

    Although there was no change on the scale this week, I stayed within my calorie goal every day - which is rare - and I hit my macro nutrient targets exactly (50% carbs, 30% fat and 20% protein, even rarer)! My calcium was lower than usual, even though I ate ice cream to boost it (not actually planned that way 😂) ... and my polyunsaturated (-6 grams) and monounsaturated fats (-3 grams) need more attention. I’ll set some more goals tomorrow or the next day but I wanted to post an update since Wednesday is my weigh in day!

    How is everyone doing? Best wishes in reaching your goals, Accountability buddies!
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    I decided not to continue to do the premium MFP. The meal scan was kinda neat but it got my food wrong more than it did right and I had to enter it in manually anyway. The plans were ok but I didn’t think they alone were worth the price. Maybe if I could have combined two plans together it would have been worth it but just doing one at a time meh.
    Just my 2 cents 😊 but I feel MFP free version is pretty good.
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    @beshamama, thanks for your review on the paid version....sometimes I get stuck thinking If I pay for this membership...or that one, then it just work and I will get to my goals sooner. But actually I know exactly what I need to do...its the motivation and accountability I lack and thats where you guys come in!!!

    Today is the last day of homeschooling our 5 year old, he goes back to school on Monday and that just makes it a little easier to sneak a workout into the day. The other kids are all teens so can easily be left without someone to watch them. Plus I will be adding in walking a couple of school runs a day so it should all help! Hopefully!!!

    @PatriceFitnessPal have you got that parcel ready yet?!?!? This one has stayed on your list a little long, I think it will feel extra relieving when you've done it! Xxx
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    Ugh I weighed in today and I gained. It’s the booze. I really need to cut it out. Or at least only drink every other day and stick to just one drink. It’s so hard though because hubby has got real into making cocktails and it’s just become this nice tradition where once kiddos are in bed we have a drink or 2 and play a board game or watch tv. But it’s obvious it’s not doing me any favors and I really need to give it up.

    Goals for this weekend
    Only have 2 drinks the whole weekend!
    No more night snacking!
    Exercise both days
    Drink more water
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    I have stuck to my weekend goals! Only had 2 beers all weekend....sharing beers with hubby I think is what we are going to do here on out. Also been tricking myself by putting different non alcoholic beverages in a beef glass.🤣 Also rediscovered my love of iced tea and made some this weekend. It was a mint herbal blend so my rascals were able to drink it too.

    I’m going to go grocery shopping tomorrow and try to portion out my serving of the snack food I buy so I don’t just dwell on it it and mindlessly eat it till it’s gone. Also going to buy chips I don’t like 🤣

    Hope everyone had a good weekend.