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Less Alcohol - MAY 2020 - One Day at a Time



  • Samand303Samand303 Member Posts: 54 Member Member Posts: 54 Member
    Brooklyn Brewery makes an AF beer that I just learned about yesterday, during an interview with the brewery founder. It’s call Special Effects. I plan to go in search of it soon!
  • dawnbgethealthydawnbgethealthy Member Posts: 2,022 Member Member Posts: 2,022 Member
    As usual, I am going to try for 16-20 AF days for the month.
    My goal used to be 8AF days per month, I am pretty happy to try to cruise between 16-20 so as not to put too much pressure on myself. If I get more that is just gravy.
    I managed 22AF days somehow in April!!
    Thanks @MissMay for keeping us going : - )

    Saturday May 16 - 3 drinks. Didn't make it to my 2 AF days in between, but no regrets whatsoever.
    Sunday May 17 - AF - Felt like having drinks, but resisted.
    Monday May 18 - AF - Fancied a drink, delayed enough times to resist.
    Tuesday May 19 - AF - Felt like having drinks, also felt like having Ribs or Pizza, but didn't have any of those, I can have them another day.
    Wednesday May 20 - AF - Another day of avoiding alcohol. I might have drinks tomorrow or Saturday, or both. Getting close to my 16AF days.
    Thursday May 21 - 3 drinks. Rainy, cold and windy here. It was really nice to have a Cointreau mixed with Bailey's, and some Port Salut. Calling this a "cheat" day. Really nice.

    15AF days out of 21 days so far
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