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Lift heavy or not...

jackdaniels1234123jackdaniels1234123 Member Posts: 87 Member Member Posts: 87 Member
Advice please!

You guys always say ‘lift heavy to shift weight’ - I have lost quite a lot of weight but wish to loose 2 stone more. As a result of the weight loss (I was big!) - I resemble a jelly!!! 🤣

I currently (try) to do low carb and walking 45 mins per day.

Should I continue with this, lose my 2stone more to get to target and then start to lift?
Should I start lifting now to help weight loss/toning but will it impact me losing?

Of course the gyms aren’t open so the equipment I have at home consists of 5kg dumbbells and a 12kg kettlebell. Both I never use 🤣

Any advice would be much appreciated - thanks guys x


  • jackdaniels1234123jackdaniels1234123 Member Posts: 87 Member Member Posts: 87 Member
    Thank you so much. Can you advise where I would start looking to put together a mini program for myself?
  • mmapagsmmapags Member Posts: 8,912 Member Member Posts: 8,912 Member
    sijomial wrote: »
    Have a look in the Most Helpful Posts section at top of Fitness & Exercise forum and you will find a list of reputable programs "Which Lifting Program is Best for You" plus a lot of other good information which is well worth reading.

    Here it is from the Gaining Weight and Body Buildiing forum:

    OP, I agree with everything sijomial said. He's dead on. And don't try to design you own program. You don't have the knowledge of experience to do that. Find one from the thread that suits you. 2 I think are good for beginners to lifting are Strong Lifts and Starting Strenght. They help develop you base of strength and teach you the basics of form and technique.
  • FitforevermoreFitforevermore Member Posts: 354 Member Member Posts: 354 Member
    Bodyfit by Amy has nice easy kettle bells Tarte routines on you tube. Moving on to hasfit, fitness blender and ergonomic fitness for harder ones. Love kettle bells.
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