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Bike recommendations?



  • tnh2otnh2o Member Posts: 109 Member Member Posts: 109 Member
    I bought my son a Gary Fisher bike back in the 90's - it was so extravagant but since his brother got a new trombone that's how it goes. Are any of the trainers any good? I had one and hated it. It was noisy and wore out the rear tire on my Greg Lemond road bike that is now 20 years old.
    I'm a big fan of dealing with local bike shops when possible.
  • heybalesheybales Member Posts: 18,648 Member Member Posts: 18,648 Member
    All trainers are going to wear out the tire pretty good.

    Best one for minimal is true rollers. Because the rider is usually prevented from making big jumps in torque that are the biggest culprit - gotta be smooth to stay on.
  • chris89topherchris89topher Member Posts: 297 Member Member Posts: 297 Member
    Hello, I know your post is a little older, but I saw you own a sixthreezero bike cruiser. Can I ask u a few questions?

    Did you buy in your local area or long distance? I have never purchase a bike far away from home.
    Do you have a single speed or multiple speeds? Can't remember if it's called gears or speeds) Lol
    Do you just use it for leisurly strolling or for a more fast paced exercise rountine?
    How often do you use your cruiser and how long?
    Would you recommend a cruiser and what minimal speed for biking at a moderate pace around the neighborhood or community park paved paths would you recommend?
    Do you think it is a comfortable type bike choice, for riding between 45-60 min 5 days a week? I wasn't sure because of the seat type.
    Would you recommend SixThreeZero for bikes?

    I'm so sorry for all the questions. I just saw the company u own your bike from. I have been going over that same company for a couple days now. I am trying to figure out what bike and the same company u bought your bike from recommended the EVRYjourney 3 or 7 speed over a 1 speed cruiser because of me wanting to ride a a little more fast pace. I am so confused if a cruiser will be ok though (any speed). I hope you can help me with your opinions on your own cruiser bike experience. Thanks so much!
    I have a SixThreeZero "Around the Block". It's a beach cruiser and I love it!

    Sorry for not replying sooner, I just saw this today. I bought my SixThreeZero on Amazon because it was a little cheaper there, but you can also buy it from the company online directly. The first bike I received did have an issue and had to be replaced under warranty which was handled with the company direct. Great customer service!

    Mine is a single speed cruiser that I mainly use to ride around my neighborhood, or "Around the Block!" Lol. I use it every day for several miles and it works great. I didn't like the seat it came with so I got a nicer one for $25 bucks at Walmart that is wider with more cushion.

    It comes about 85% assembled in the box. You just have to put the front wheel, handlebar, seat, etc. on. Yes I definitely recommend this bike, as it's very affordable and still very well designed.
  • Elise4270Elise4270 Member Posts: 8,375 Member Member Posts: 8,375 Member
    Giant is a good brand. Comfy. Here are several less than 500$ for starters. You can order these and have it shipped to your LBS for assembly and pick up (assuming they are in stock). My LBS said they don't expect more bikes until Christmas. Been hard to get everywhere. Nice that they are doing well despite the current economy though.

    I bought a used REI brand bike for my first adult road bike. Then bought a Masi for 1200$ a few years later. Still a "cheaper" road bike, but a great bike for what I need/want.
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