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MyFitnessPal Connection to Strava or Another Cycling App

TheCurlyFitChicTheCurlyFitChic Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member
I was under the impression that MyFitnessPal could connect to Strava to obtain cycling data, as long as Strava also is connected to MyFitnessPal. Due to current physical limitations. I am no longer jogging/running and I am riding my bicycle. However, MyFitnessPal is not capturing the data from Strava. It even stopped getting Google Fit data. The only thing that works is Samsung Health, which counts steps. I've tried going to the website for both. Removing connections and then adding them again. No luck. Wondering if others are experiencing this same problem. FYI, I am on Android. More specifically, I have a Samsung Galaxy S10+ and a Galaxy Tab S6 (tried on this and it didn't work either).

I did do multiple searches and could not find this question anywhere. Weird since if you Google you find a ton of people having this problem.


  • Dead_Mans_PartyDead_Mans_Party Member Posts: 865 Member Member Posts: 865 Member
    So I didn't have any issues connecting Strava with MFP via my Moto. It could be due to the newer phones. I also know that Strava has made changes to their app, downgrading features and making them premium. Not sure if this would effect syncing with MFP, but who knows. Try to sync the apps on an actual computer vs your mobile and sync through MFP to Strava, not Strava to MFP. See if that helps. I personally did not like how MFP listed my rides when synced with Strava so I elected to just personally add my rides. You could always go for the MFP sponsored Map-my-Ride. I never tried that app.
  • cdhaschka58cdhaschka58 Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member
    I also have spent hours trying to figure out why my Strava data does not link to My FitnessPal. It is very frustrating. Does anyone have any ideas? I have an I Phone.
  • rcamarillorcamarillo Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    I am on android and I have the same issue. Premium member on strava
  • amyjzedamyjzed Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member
    I have Garmin synced to Strava, and I really don't want to have to manually put in exercises here if I don't have to.
    I tried linking MFP to Strava through the MFP app on my phone but I don't see any of my exercises appearing. I ran earlier today before I added the connection to Strava. It would be nice to see some more information from MFP about this.
  • pennylsmithpennylsmith Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    I use a Garmin and Sync up to Strava, I don't record my rides on Strava directly. I just added the Garmin App to MyFitnessPal so I am hoping my workouts sync directly from there...
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