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How long to maintain before buying new clothes?



  • koalathebearkoalathebear Member Posts: 226 Member Member Posts: 226 Member
    We call them op shops here in Australia. They and Target were my best friends and I started buying new clothes as soon as my weight loss started becoming noticeable even though I wasn't near goal weight.

    Ironically, the clothes i was buying in the op shops were way more stylish/fashionable/better brand names than the ones I had been used to wearing :P As I lost weight, I donated clothes back and bought new ones.
  • galadrielandmegaladrielandme Member, Premium Posts: 3 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3 Member
    I visited an outlet mall the other day, and the retailers had things marked down 60-80%. I bought brand new things that they were selling at near- thrift store prices. I was shocked.

    Bad for the economy but boy it was great for me.

    It’s a wierd little window, but seems you can work it to your advantage.

    It is very weird trying to shop for a new size during a pandemic! But you’re right the sales are good - I went ahead and bought a pair of jeans identical to a pair I had just in the next size down. It was a bit of a risk but it also only set me back $30 because the sales are so intense rn. And it worked out! The better fitting clothes are definitely worth the mood and motivation boost.
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