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I ate a piece of cake! ☹😥



  • RelCanonicalRelCanonical Member Posts: 3,714 Member Member Posts: 3,714 Member
    Your guilt is more likely from thinking that this is a slippery slope rather than the actual overage, which was so tiny that it's possible you didn't actually eat over, depending on how the cake was prepared, frosting/cake ratio, etc. It's not a slippery slope if you don't allow it to happen. All you have to do (simple, but not easy) is give yourself permission to move on and continue as normal.

    Also, it might help to allow yourself some more treats to normalize it so it doesn't become this forbidden symbol of a slippery slope.
  • maronesax1972maronesax1972 Member Posts: 126 Member Member Posts: 126 Member
    Lots of good advice here. I can tell you no matter the diet, nutrition plan and/or goals, there should always, and I mean always be room for a piece of cake or a cookie (my vice) and there. Save it for special occasions, make it part of your refeed program, fit in in however you must, but know that it won’t end your progress. Consistency of nutrition and exercise out weighs any little indulgence you might have. For you, since you’re not at your goal weight, I understand your concern. Just know from a guy who’s been there, it won’t throw you the slightest bit off your long term track, as long as you fit it in and save those sweets for special occasions. I wouldn’t be trying to eat cake daily, in other words 😀. But I refuse to miss out on a birthday celebration or holiday treat. That would be a plain boring life IMO.

    Best of luck and stay consistent! It will pay off, even if you have a piece of cake once in a while. Don’t feel guilt!
  • TerythaTerytha Member Posts: 1,712 Member Member Posts: 1,712 Member
    I had 2 pieces of home made chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream icing yesterday, put myself over by nearly 1000 calories, and I still weigh exactly the same today.

    It doesn't matter. 200 calories is nothing. Do you really want to live a life where you feel this awful about cake? I wouldn't.
  • Diatonic12Diatonic12 Member Posts: 5,116 Member Member Posts: 5,116 Member
    We can learn the practice of moderation.

    We can't bawl and cry over a donut. There's no crying in baseball and there's certainly no crying over eating a piece of cake. Throw all that old dieting mind warp out the window.

    I know someone who plays with their food like it's a badge of honor. They wait and see how long they can hold out. Why they even take a donut to bed just to see if it will still be there when the dawn comes to light. Everything within my being rebels fairly quickly when I edge up against someone obsessing over eating or not eating a food item. I can't go there with that.

    Let your freedom ring. Do everything on your own terms. Don't follow restrictive food rules and regulations.
    You can moderate yourself with food. It's your brain that's telling you that you can't. Override it. Flip the switch.

    Size matters. It's only the size of your portions that matters. You can have your cake and eat it, too.

  • PogostickersPogostickers Member Posts: 170 Member Member Posts: 170 Member
    Yeah a piece of cake no big deal, move on. Me I have no self control with sweets ...I'd probably eat the Whole Cake lol. So Just log and move on.
  • kmccromkmccrom Member Posts: 28 Member Member Posts: 28 Member
    This was a great thread. We have to be able to enjoy food and not obsess over it. Thanks for sharing and I agree that we have to find sustainable ways of eating and healthy habits. Let us eat cake!
  • nighthawk584nighthawk584 Member Posts: 1,941 Member Member Posts: 1,941 Member
    No sweat....I eat something sweet every day outside of my more nutritionally balanced diet. I also exercise every day and burn over 1000 extra calories. Stay within your deficit or maintenance and enjoy life.

    BTW, I used to punish myself all the time for eating so called UNHEALTHY treats. No more!
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  • naguilar1021naguilar1021 Member Posts: 8 Member Member Posts: 8 Member
    Thank you guys for all your support and insight. I am glad to be a part of this community that lifts you up.
  • Bex953172Bex953172 Member Posts: 2,929 Member Member Posts: 2,929 Member
    Thank you guys for all your support and insight. I am glad to be a part of this community that lifts you up.

    I don't think you over reacted tbh! I think if I hadn't had a single treat for that amount of time I would have felt the guilt too!! Most of us incorparate little treats in but for you to go cold turkey for so long I can see why it made you feel as bad as you did!!

    But you've learned something well, a few things.
    1) You realised that eating the cake didn't make you happy OR want to binge further!
    2) A little treat snack isn't going to completely derail you
    3) You are determined AF to last that long without treats and you've made amazing progress and it honestly is impressive!!

    I would see it as your little bit of victory cake for how well you've done so far!
    Now keep at it and good luck :)
  • joyanna2016joyanna2016 Member Posts: 130 Member Member Posts: 130 Member
    Thank you guys. I don't think I'll be doing that again. 😉.

    You definitely better do that again! Life without the occasional piece of cake is not realistic.
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