Free falling

I no longer belong in this group, but did for more than years. The past year (12 months) I’ve gained back 40#. I few medical issues that I use as excuses let me slip back into bad habits. After 600+ days of never missing my step goal, I stopped walking. Then started adding back in too much wine, stopped logging, and weighing daily. I hit my scream weight of 150 last fall and today got on the scale and was 170. I’m really disappointed in myself.


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    @middlehaitch i hate gin AND tonic. That would certainly get me to stop drinking altogether.

    I truly do love wine, it just doesn’t love me back. Yes @psychod787 you’re 100% right that a few drinks lower inhibitions and lead to WTF moments. Having pop-tarts in the pantry doesn’t help either.

    You all lift me and each other up. You’re the voice of reason. I’m so happy to have your support and to see so many of you stick with MFP through bad times and good.

    Thank you for that.

    I have seen your posts previously. Before, you said you kept training and lifting. Did you do that this time? If not, we know where to start!! Dust off the food scale, you got this.
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    Hey a lot of that os going on so don’t be too hard on yourself over it. I have also read many of your posts. You will be on top of this as soon as you want to be, which sounds like now.
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    @nowine4me I wanted to agree with others that I've read and found inspiration from your posts as well. I've recently been sidelined from being able to move and eat how I was used to maintaining, physical problems can definitely make things rougher. I know for me I'm doing modified workouts as I can't use my legs right now but when the pain gets real bad it's hard not to pig out. Seeing myself in a bathing suit shocked me back into a deficit! Best of luck to you, I look forward to your posts.