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Emotional Eating or stress eating



  • Naz_2020
    Naz_2020 Posts: 79 Member
    joanna_82 wrote: »
    So the question is are you excluding food because it doesn't fit your idea of a "diet" or are you excluding foods that you cannot moderate well or would trigger a binge?

    @NovusDies thank you for your comment. I don't have any fixed idea that a diet menu should look like this. The problem is that if I start responding to such cravings I might lose my focus. I believe that I can have anything in moderation. But what I was feeling last night was more like a rebel. As you said my inner child - you are right it's a rebel child! I never really had much likings for fried chicken. My mind is just playing tricks I believe. If I respond to it, I eat a chicken today. Tomorrow I would want a cake. I will start with one piece and end up eating 3-4 slices or more. I don't know.

    I know I can eat anything in moderation. It can be a piece of chocolate or a cake or a slice of pizza as long as I am not going over my calorie goals and also burning some calories I am fine.
    Also I am more into the process of healthy eating and leading an active life. I feel good when I eat clean food. I feel good when I eat home cooked nutritious meal.
    What's wrong with having a piece of fried chicken? There is nothing wrong with it. I might have a piece next week but because I made that choice not because my mind/my emotions played some foolish trick to gain control over me. I don't know if I am making any sense. I am trying to be aware of the choices I make. Thank you for your reply. Congratulations on your weight loss. You are an inspiration. 😊😊

    Don’t beat yourself up so much. If you have been an emotional eater for a while it’s a hard thing to crack. The learning experience from each binge or craving or eating episode is to reflect on it, try and think about what led you to feel that way, and think about what you would do differently next time you feel that way. Sometimes it’s just about wanting that particular food because you want it and that’s ok.

    For example what were you feeling when you though about eating fried chicken? We’re you sad, or anxious or stressed? If so what was making you feel that way? Could you do something else next time you feel that way which is a healthier way of coping with the feeling?

    Recovery from emotional eating does take time and effort and focus. But I promise you it’s so much better on the other side once you get there!

    Thank you 😊😊 of course it is. Patience is the key! 🙏
  • saltysparkle
    saltysparkle Posts: 145 Member
    New to the boards, and following this discussion. I am completely an emotional eater. My mom was, too. And I love food! When I was younger, I was super-active so I didn't realize how out-of-control my eating was. But more recently, between several major life changes, and working desk jobs, it has all caught up with me.
  • Naz_2020
    Naz_2020 Posts: 79 Member
    @saltysparkle Hello! To deal with emotional eating what I am doing is introspection - trying to understand my emotions and my reaction and response to them. These days I am focusing on communication with people who have similar problems and been trying to overcome this. I am focusing on my daily activities such meal prepp, work, exercise or being active etc. My anxieties and insecurities try to sneak back in and overwhelm my mind.. Whenever that happens I do a breathing exercise.. I keep doing it until my mind is diverted. I used to practice mindfulness which helped me focus on present. I keep reminding myself I am fine right now. Nothings happening. It is alright. That's how I try keep my mind calm. I do write a lot here in different forums and sharing my thoughts or worries or struggles been really helpful.
  • ReenieHJ
    ReenieHJ Posts: 9,724 Member
    I am feeling down since I woke up. I went to bed before midnight. Fell asleep at around 1 am but couldn't sleep through the night. I am awake since 4 am.
    There are always something or the other to overwhelm my mind. And it is called life. Work related problem or family crisis this or that. I feel like disappearing at times but it's not an option. Hence face them, fight them, deal with them.
    Sometimes I do not have the energy to fight back. Sometimes I do not see an end to it at all.
    On top of all these, I have health issues. I am just rambling. I needed to let it out.

    Yeh, last night was an up/down night for me as well. :( I wish there was a way to quiet our minds better during the night. Do you meditate? Deep breathe? Yoga? I wonder if any of those would be helpful? Or if you simply didn't fight insomnia and got up to read or journal? What about CBD gummies; my sister has terrible insomnia and says they do help. She uses those and Melatonin.

    Hopefully you can have an easy day and get rest. Good luck!
  • alejandrogiusti68
    alejandrogiusti68 Posts: 1 Member
    I suffered the same problem, and the way i found to resolved was changing the anxiety response to something else. I prepared myself to identify /recognise when my anxiety was starting to kick in, so i prepared a plan of going for a walk or doing any easy exercise that I could do immediately after i started having those feelings. at first you wont succeed on all attempts to avoid the food feast triggered by anxiety, but if you keep yourself firm and repeat to yourself "that is just anxiety its not me, I can choose to do something else" and then do it; you will see over short period of time the progress and less and less food being consumed till you reach the point you simply say to yourself "I am not eating that, i choose to go for a walk" and it works every time.