Recently noticing I'm getting really sore?

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I've been working out more regularly since late February/early March after a few months of mostly just walking and stretching, I pushed through the first week or two of feeling sore and then the occasional slight muscle ache after a new workout or heavier dumbbells.

However, past maybe 2-3 weeks I notice I'm getting sore after the exact same workouts that I'd done in the past (aka past 2-3 months) and, those past times, experienced no/almost no soreness...I haven't added any weight to my (adjustable) dumbbells recently, I feel like I've toned it down a *tiny* bit, even, but it's still pretty bad and I feel really tired. As in, I never take naps but just these past 2 days I completely crashed after lunch and slept for an hour even though I slept OK the night before.

My diet hasn't really changed, I've lost a good lb past month, I'm averaging between 1600-2000kcal a day depending on what my workouts are (I'm 5'3 and last weigh in I was 126lbs, aiming for 120ish but not in a rush).
I've been basically doing between 40 and 90 minutes of exercise a day on average 6x a week, it's been a mix of cardio, weights and a bit of yoga and pilates thrown in (youtube videos) - tho usually one of those 6 days is also pretty light in terms of exercise, aka walks/yoga + the longer days are usually the less intense days.

It's been a good stress relief with everything going on in the world and in my personal life, but sheesh, what gives?
I've tested my blood pressure (averaging 105/70ish with my heart rate in the mid 50s), and my blood sugar is normal.
It's not my joints, it's definitely my muscle that's getting sore. Should I try and throw in an extra rest day?
I've done stuff like 2 rounds of Insanity back to back with more walks and yoga on top in the past and never felt this tired (yes I'm a few years older but I hardly think mid 20s vs 30 is that much of a difference hah)


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    On your intense workout days are you lifting heavier or same weights? Do you stretch after your workouts? Not stretching can really tighten the muscles.
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    It's been roughly same weights (aka not upped the weight in the past few weeks) and I do a warmup and I stretch after
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    Hugs. Same problem here. Rundown, and tired all the time, yet I feel like I do nothing.

    Maybe it’s the monotony. My husband’s volunteer gigs have started calling him back, so he gets out and about, but mine (only one day a week) doesn’t start back til next week.

    Every night he asks, “what are you doing tomorrow?” And it’s same old same old. Get up, walk or run several miles, do a couple classes, plant my *kitten* on the sofa and crochet or needlepoint or browse the internet til my eyeballs want to burst from my skull in frustration, and maybe go for another long walk. Have been able to throw some weights in now that the gym has reopened.

    I am so bored I want to scream, and while I should be grateful I can walk and get out, maybe the frustration is expressing itself in joint pain?
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    For sure, being stuck at home starts to mess with me and my energy levels... I had a job dry up because of covid, been sending out job applications, signed up to workshops (which just ended), and just finished going to a German class...

    I'm mostly a bit worried about the soreness more than being tired though, tbh, because it raises concerns for me over rest/recovery and whether or not my diet might have shifted to where I'm not getting a good enough balance - without me noticing... I've had soreness after what I'd consider "moderate" bodyweight workouts recently which is unusual for me (unless getting back into a workout routine after a slightly longer break)

    I've had some hypermobility related issues with joints in the past (and was supposed to get assessed for surgery because of my left ulnar nerve - but again, covid), but thankfully it really does just feel like post workout muscle soreness and nothing more serious - just curious why it's happening and what to change in my routines to avoid it
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    How are your overall nutrition, hydration, sleep? Any chance you're coming down with something (even allergy season)? These are all rhetorical questions, so not expecting answers, but I'll make that explicit for this one: Have you increased your alcohol consumption? Any change in prescription drugs, supplements, anything like that?

    Does your program have deloads or anything like that built in? Or maybe it's just time to take a few days break?
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    Should I try and throw in an extra rest day?

    I would say yes, take 2 rest days. I do cardio and lift five days a week. When I try to do 6 days I get very burnt out. We are similar heights/weight. I’m 5”2 and 120. I try to maintain a 118 but I keep bouncing back up. Rest and recovery is important.
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    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    How are your overall nutrition, hydration, sleep? Any chance you're coming down with something (even allergy season)?

    Actually, yeah, this year's been *terrible* for allergies (pollen - it's usually mild enough that I haven't gone to the doctor for it, this year tho... yeesh), been having issues pretty much constantly since early April - though it did think it got a tiny bit better around mid-June...

    Can't think of much else that might be "off", the only thing I take is birth control pills because of my PCOS and nothing's really changed, I just eat more to compensate for being more active and go for a really really small deficit because anything more was making me uncomfortable hungry (... and I like food). I have an occasional beer/glass of wine, no more than usual tho.

    I'm thinking it might be time for a few days of just walks and yoga

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    That started for me , I was low in iron so took supps and invested in a day of just yoga and Pilates once a week. Really helped.