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Why You Shouldn't Wear a Mask

mullanphylanemullanphylane Member Posts: 172 Member Member Posts: 172 Member
What is/are your reason(s) for resisting mask wearing as a means of reducing Covid-19 transmission?

Not trying to start an argument. I am, honestly, interested in why people don't want to, or won't, wear a mask during the pandemic. I ask that those who disagree with anti-maskers not comment on or judge their reasons.

If you are opposed, tells us why. No need for long-winded rants, but religious, political, and personal reasons accepted.

I'll start:
  • They're expensive (some masks cost more than a 12 pack of my favorite beer!)
  • They're inconvenient - you have remember to take one or more with you everywhere you go
  • They make breathing uncomfortable, sometimes difficult, because I have COPD

Jump right in there and let us know why. Inquiring minds want to know.


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    Bad hygiene there, even without COVID19!!
  • Theoldguy1Theoldguy1 Member Posts: 1,541 Member Member Posts: 1,541 Member
    Please wear a mask when needed but don't get one of those with a set of lips printed on it. It makes the wearer look very creepily like the blow up sex doll a friend received as a gag gift at a bachelor party years ago.
  • will_it_go_round_in_circleswill_it_go_round_in_circles Member Posts: 855 Member Member Posts: 855 Member
    Vikka_V wrote: »
    iMago wrote: »
    i wear mine if im going into the store or something obviously.
    it ain't the person at the door's fault and i ain't about to take it out on them.

    personally- i think in a perfect bubble at least, masks work great. if you *wear it properly* one time only and toss it or disinfect it properly after storing it in a ziploc like the CDC says. all without touching the front of the mask or anything but the ear loops.

    in practical usage, i'm not confident they don't make things worse.

    if the virus is in your spit and saliva and runny nose, and you're wearing a mask all day and/or multiple times without washing it, then the virus is all over the damp nasty mask.

    then you go into walmart, you put the mask on, you adjust it, you fiddle with it to get it comfortable.
    by that point the virus is potentially all over your hands and you're walking through walmart touching things and spreading it across the store where others will be exposed.

    not to mention if you pay with card at the checkout, you're spreading the virus all over the same credit card machine we all use when you type in your PIN or tap OK or whatever

    i'm sure some walmarts are still out there cleaning up properly after each customer but all the ones i've been into abandoned that after about the first 3 weeks.

    basically i guess i'm saying that all the masks in the world with 100% compliance won't do as much good as strict and proper cleaning and disinfecting would, and i really wish there was a much bigger focus on that instead of masks.

    place i work for just spent about $100k on masks for everyone. but yet we only have 2 of those automatic hand sanitizer stations for the entire building.

    I wear a mask, and have since the start - I've been working in public the whole time, and we started as a "public courtesy" gesture (I think) or "illusion of safety precautions"

    I have to admit my co workers and I don't have the most sanitary approach to wearing and handling them - I've been observing and thinking about it for a while. And trying to be more conscientious myself.

    We pull them on and off between dealing with clients, shove them in our pockets, pull them down around our necks. Some people leave them laying around on counters. In theory when we are in close contact with one another with a mask hanging around our neck, then put it back on our face...we may as well all just swapping them around with each other for all the germs, "droplets", we are directly putting up close to our breathing holes.

    Ya, I wear a mask...note - I've also had a strange respiratory problem/infection/allergy? going on for the last month. (Not covid - been tested)

    To me it would seem that the mishandling of them is really only a direct threat to you. I'm not saying it's OK to do or advocating in any way. But even if you're sick or wearing a dirty mask it still does the job of stifling the payload. Just a highdea, no science behind it. I'm gonna go look it up now.
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