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Women 200lb+, Let's Be Extra Awesome This August!!!



  • orangequiltorangequilt Member Posts: 1,410 Member Member Posts: 1,410 Member
    Big difference! And you look proud of yourself, as you should!!
  • changeforeverljchangeforeverlj Member Posts: 219 Member Member Posts: 219 Member
    @pamiede I love seeing before and after shots! You are beautiful, and now look younger and stronger! What a journey you have been on, well done!
  • speyerjspeyerj Member Posts: 1,186 Member Member Posts: 1,186 Member
    Amazing Pam!! I'm so happy for you!. Isn't it so nice to shop for smaller clothes? You look adorable and cute. <3
  • aliciap0116aliciap0116 Member, Premium Posts: 232 Member Member, Premium Posts: 232 Member
    @pamiede you look amazing! Sounds like a great plan and how exciting to be this close to your goal!
  • pamiedepamiede Member, Premium Posts: 112 Member Member, Premium Posts: 112 Member
    Thank you all!! @speyerj Its awesome shopping for smaller sizes. I’ve always been a shopaholic, now I’m a skinnier shopaholic 😂
  • shardayjohnson3074shardayjohnson3074 Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    @pamiede I am new to thIs group, however you look absolutely amazing!!!!
  • uyisteruyister Member, Premium Posts: 99 Member Member, Premium Posts: 99 Member
    Hi all!! Is there a different thread for September??

    My final Aug 2020 stats:
    38 years old
    Height: 5' 7"
    SW (6/9/2020): 330.0 lbs
    August SW (8/1/20): 293.6 lbs
    8/7/20: 289.2 lbs
    8/8/20: 287.0 lbs
    8/15/20: 290.0 lbs :(
    8/22/20: 286.5 lbs
    8/29/20: 278.4 lbs

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