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  • michaelmac81
    michaelmac81 Posts: 14 Member
    Hey all hope we all OK and had a get week so far I'm down 1.3kg so far this week
    Good job 💥
  • TonnnnUK
    TonnnnUK Posts: 132 Member
    Grt Manchester here, getting back into the swing of things, looking to lose a stone or so by Christmas. Feel free to add me.
  • Nancymcgregor
    Nancymcgregor Posts: 155 Member
    Staffordshire here. Hoping to lose 60lbs by summer next year.
  • Chrisjbrawn
    Chrisjbrawn Posts: 28 Member
    Hi All.

    Gareth from Stoke-on-Trent.

    39lb through a 42lb journey. Kettlebell nut.

    Just up the road I'm in Birmingham area
  • MsSpooky13
    MsSpooky13 Posts: 6 Member
    Im in South Wales. I'm a new member, 91lbs lost with 80lbs to go 😊
  • brokenbill2017
    brokenbill2017 Posts: 5 Member
    Bill from manchester. was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and weighed 18st 10lbs been trying hard to try and get the weight down and manage my blood sugars better. after 5 weeks i'm down to 17st 5lbs and my blood sugar levels are alot better right now. Moving forward i'm trying to lose a bit more weight and find the motivation to join a gym.
  • charmmeth
    charmmeth Posts: 936 Member
    edited October 2020
    Glasgow (although currently Germany): needed to lose 30 lbs after the Easter egg binge took me to a higher weight than my starting weight here in 2014. :( Have 9 lbs left to go... :) Good to "meet" you all!
  • London

    I want to lose around 45lbs, preferably before July next year.
  • rsammie2014
    rsammie2014 Posts: 6 Member
    KellieSN wrote: »
    Hi, from Port Talbot!!

    I used to live there in Sandfields - hello!
  • rsammie2014
    rsammie2014 Posts: 6 Member
    Hi everyone! I'm Sam from Manchester, lost 7stone in 2015 using MFP gained 7 stone in lovkdown!! Well, not quit but I have gained it all over the last few years and battling with my Mental Health isn't helping.
  • Marks281172
    Marks281172 Posts: 127 Member
    Cambridge, 4 stone by middle of next year then maintain is my goal.
  • hels77
    hels77 Posts: 3 Member
    Hello, I’m in Cheshire 👋🏻 Lost 4 stone two years ago and slowly regained all of it. Would love to lose it again (and keep it off this time!!) Feel free to add x
  • Chrisjbrawn
    Chrisjbrawn Posts: 28 Member
    Welcome new people hope to here maore of your progress in the coming months
  • Oliveciabatta
    Oliveciabatta Posts: 294 Member
    Hi here I'm near Glasgow dont know my current or goal weight but want to drop a dress size or 2 by early next year as covid has made me let things go this year. Uk size 12 to 14 just now 5'7 f
  • genghis54
    genghis54 Posts: 128 Member
    hello, I am in glenrothes, fife, scotland and have 30 lbs to lose!
  • DJBO65
    DJBO65 Posts: 26 Member
    Hell everyone, I am Debbie from Blackpool. I want to lose about 30 pounds. I have already lost 18 pounds since January.
  • Sandra_PF
    Sandra_PF Posts: 1 Member
    Hi everyone! Sandra from London here. Back on the tracking with aim to lose 20kg with a milestone at 10kg to start with.
    Lost 3kg already since starting 4 weeks ago!
  • rstempest
    rstempest Posts: 3 Member
    Good morning!

    I’m in North West Leicestershire and I’ve been on MFP for quite a while, but never ventured into the community forums before :)
    SW: 17st 1lb (13/04/2020)
    CW: 12st 12lb (01/11/2020)
    TW: 12st Hopefully by Christmas, but it’s definitely getting slower and more difficult!

    I’m a bit of an introvert, hence only just now wandering into a forum, but I’d really like some inspiration for fitness some boosts. I currently do 45mins mixed cardio and strength each morning and an hour long Bootcamp on Sundays, but this last stone is not shifting! Lol
    Good morning all where are all the UK member from and goals?

    I'm Chris West Midlands goals to lose 29kg by Dec 2021

    What are yours?
    Good morning all where are all the UK member from and goals?

    I'm Chris West Midlands goals to lose 29kg by Dec 2021

    What are yours?

  • rstempest
    rstempest Posts: 3 Member
    I’m new to the forums today, although I’ve been on MFP for a while. What is the UK weight in group and how do I access it? .... and hello! 🙂
    Diana from Coventry. I'm back after a year away and having to start again. But I am doing ok. I could do with more people to join me on a UK weigh in group on here as everyone else has disappeared!