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Healthy chicken meals

jesskendrick123jesskendrick123 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
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I need some healthy chicken meal ideas please
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  • jlval1989jlval1989 Member Posts: 88 Member Member Posts: 88 Member
    Chicken is probably one of the most versatile proteins you can buy.

    Soups, pan fried or roasted veggies, curries, rice bowls, pasta, the list goes on. All can be made healthy, no fuss.
  • acpgeeacpgee Member Posts: 5,917 Member Member Posts: 5,917 Member
    Traditionally served with cucumber salad.
  • GreenValliGreenValli Member Posts: 1,045 Member Member Posts: 1,045 Member
    Sounds SO good but too many ingredients I would need to buy.
  • Dootzy1Dootzy1 Member Posts: 1,125 Member Member Posts: 1,125 Member
    Oven barbeque-Take the skin off of some chicken parts, back with salt, garlic and pepper for about 35 minutes in a 375 oven. Drain the fat after about a half hour. Flip over, and top with barbeque sauce for about another 10-15 minutes, depending on chicken parts, when the juices run clear. Serve with corn and coleslaw?

    For boneless breasts or thighs-- Spray with vegetable oil on both sides. Mix salt, pepper, garlic, and parmesan and a bit of Italian bread crumbs and roll the chicken in that. (I sometimes just sprinkle this mixture on one side.) Place on the dull side of foil in the oven, flip after about 15 minutes. It gets crunchier if you spray a little more oil on it on after flipping it, or putting it under the broiler.

    Ground chicken- Brown with onions, garlic and salt and pepper. Meanwhile, cook a cup of quinoa in a chicken bouillon flavored water. Add to pan of browned chicken, together with a can of Ro-Tel tomatoes and peppers. Simmer to blend flavors. I stuffed this into a flour tortilla for my husband, who ate it with cheese and sour cream. I used a measured amount of corn chips and just ate this filling. It's good to have that crunch.
  • missylinnymissylinny Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    how do you figure the calories for the meals
  • AshHeartsJesusAshHeartsJesus Member Posts: 419 Member Member Posts: 419 Member
    Salsa Chicken= chicken breast in crockpot top with salsa and cook all day serve it as tacos, ocer rice, over sald endless possibilities. Sugar Free Hughes Bbq sauce over plain crockpot chicken. Chicken and cheese low carb or lettace wrap, homemade chicken soup with or without noodles, bbq chicken pizza, chicken salad, keto chicken strips
  • MalimalaiMalimalai Member Posts: 232 Member Member Posts: 232 Member
    @acpgee , I love this recipe. My sauce # fermentd soybean paste, #ginger # garlic #hot chilies # lime juice # sugar.🍗🥢🌶
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