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Organic Food is Good for Weight Loss?



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    The quality or lack of quality in our foods adds to deficiencies in nutrition, consider iodine, a key requirement for thyroid health. The books day there should be x amount in this or that food be it a green vegetable or whatever but it the soil is deficient the foods are likely to become deficient too. Organic soils achie a better balance.

    Nutritional deficiencies can reduce how well a body is able to function, lack of function will dependant on the degree of deficiency will cause "byproducts of life" and other substances not to be eliminated as they should. they have to be stored somewhere as inflammation. Eliminating the inflammation is more likely to happen when one is not subjecting oneself to weedkilling residues and the like. I read the other day that English potatoes unlike Scottish, Irish and Welsh ones, could be sprayed with a concoction containing copper Copper is toxic and some like me react poorly to it.

    Actually the phone rang....................... thought I would see what was flushed out.

    Wishing you well. Please take care and keep safe.
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