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  • playhardkf2017playhardkf2017 Member, Premium Posts: 357 Member Member, Premium Posts: 357 Member
    _JeffreyD_ wrote: »
    (We went to Jasper, Canada by plane about 4 or 5 years goodness was that place SPECTACULARLY BEAUTIFUL! Oh how I miss it there!)
    Well, have a good weekend everyone!

    I couldn't agree more. Was there about 2 years ago right now. It snowed 8" in one day and turned sunny the next day. Magic!

    That's cool you've been there too! It was so amazing up there! We hiked the Skyline trail and it was so breathtaking for pretty much the entire trail. Even just walking through town and visiting the lakes/rivers were gorgeous. I could go on for days about the beauty in that area. What did you do when you were up there?
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