Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 126



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    Female, 28, 159cm
    OSW: 74.5kg
    SW: 73.3kg
    GW: 72.8kg
    UGW: 62kg

    Previous Rounds
    Rounds Start: 73.8
    Round 125: 73.3 (-0.5)

    09/14 - 73.8 - Because of course it jumps up to what it was a week ago. This is why I'm glad I weigh every day, because it would look like I've not lost anything this last week, but I know that this is just a fluctuation up. And I know why too. Yesterday was a maintenance day. I knew it was going to be a maintenance day. I banked calories for it to be a maintenance day. It still feels wrong to allow my numbers go into the red. Ah well. Cider at lunch (first time I've drunk alcohol for ages, damn it was good), went out for lunch (nice burger and chips), lots of cheese for dinner and topped it off with a big chocolate cookie. CI was slightly above CO so not quite a true maintenance day, but considering my deficit for the week, I'm still pretty happy with it all and all. And I didn't eat all of my lunch because it was there. When I was full, I stopped nibbling at the chips and left them.
    09/15 - 74.0 - Now you can just stop it. My legs are killing me. Judo yesterday killed me. My legs were still kind of hurting going into the session left over from Saturday, and then what did we do during the circuits? More flipping frog jumps. Aaaaah! It's fine, I don't need to use my legs! And I think I've pulled my hamstring because I am so close to getting left side splits flat to the floor (something I've not been able to do since I was a about 10), so I pushed it a little too much trying to get there, I did make it though, but only for a second, and it hurt so maybe a little bit longer on that one. So yeah, fluid retention is strong today. Hopefully we'll see a drop tomorrow back to something a little more sensible.
    09/16 - 74.4 - Why? Seriously though, why?
    09/17 - 73.8 - Right, well at least that better. Lets see if this trend continues. Yesterday was hard, I am getting really hungry at the moment (lead up to my period week, I think) and I decided to work from home where all the food was available. But managed to keep it at bay and eat fairly sensible. Dinner was somewhat disappointing as I'd bought some lean cut pork sausages with a lower calorie count. But the amount of calorie difference was no where near enough to make up for the fact that they were just not as nice a normal sausages. And they shrank up quite small, so two wasn't really quite enough, and at that point is the sausage just less calories because there's less of it than other brands. Well whatever, not going to be going for that again.
    09/18 - 73.8 - It's frustrating that it's still not going down, but with this week I'm not overly surprised. I have been oh so hungry this week. Yesterday was definitely the peak of my hunger. I just did not feel satisfied with anything yesterday. Normally I save some of my breakfast shake to eat later at about 3pm (when I start feeling a little munchy), but that didn't happen, and I was still hungry afterwards, and I was still hungry after lunch, even though I packed extra fruit because I thought I would be hungry, and I ate more than a few squares of the 'not very nice chocolate' I keep in my desk to stop me going to the shop for a snickers. And it took every ounce of willpower I had not to say "screw it" and order a takeaway for dinner. But order I did not, and I pulled some leftovers out of the freezer and had that instead. I finished the day still a little hungry, but under maintenance. No matter what the scales say, I'd call that a win.

    :star: 09/19 - 73.4 - Looks like my perseverance finally paid off. I did actually finally log onto my trendweight account for the first time in ages and discovered that my trend weight has still been dropping all this week which is encouraging and does make me feel better about the whole massive weight spike thing. Yesterday was so much better than the days before. The hunger monster had definitely gone back to bed to the extent that dinner didn't really turn out to be anything as neither me nor OH where very hungry so we had half a pizza (only half!!) and a glass of wine. Slightly over, but I normally build up a bit of a buffer on the weekends and this should be an active one so feeling optimistic.

  • Starting weight 179lbs
    Goal weight 126 lbs

    Round 123 174.0lbs
    Round 124 172.8lbs
    Round 125 170.0lbs


    09/14 170.0lbs Four days at the same weight, I'm hoping for a drop soon. However, I'm weighing in an hour earlier than usual.

    09/15 169.8lbs Just done half an hour of exercise. An even earlier weigh in as well, I've been meaning to do this for ages but didn't want to show an increased weight!

    09/16 169.6 later weigh in but have not exercised yet so not too worried

    09/17 169.8 late weigh in, no exercise yet. Not worried about 0.2lb

    09/18 169.8 Now I am worried. It's time I had another drop. I'm in a bad mood today. I had arranged for a pick up of furniture from a house I am emptying. I rang th company this morning and was told that I would get a call 30 mins beforehand. Ten minutes later got a call saying we phoned but you were on the phone and we can't wait any longer!

    09/19 169.6 This is after nearly 5000 steps! I do hope I get a proper drop by the end of this round.


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    JUST GIVE ME 10 DAYS ~|~ Round 126 (round 58 for me ) I'm in for another round – I need it! As always, thank you @GrandmaJackie such a champion particularly in these unprecedented & uns8ettled times, helping keep some stability in our lives, for setting up these challenges.

    Female age 62 5' 4” - Achieved goal weigh of 125lb in summer 2016 by losing 66lb and have gradually gained between 7 and 11 since then; I don't want to gain any more, but would like to get back to my goal weight – I'm working at it – it's a permanent way of life !

    Challenge for this round will be the start of our fortnight's holiday 19th onwards, but goal for this round – to lose a pound. Stick with good habits: be mindful of what I eat & drink, keep walking, no binges, keep the 10 days binge free again, it makes such a difference!
    End of round 69 134.2 lbs
    End of round 70 133.6
    End of round 71 132.4
    End of round 72 133.2
    End of round 73 132.8
    End of round 74 132
    End of round 75 131.4
    End of round 76 130.2
    End of round 77 132.4
    End of round 78 134.4
    End of round 79 132
    End of round 80 133.6
    End of round 81 133.8
    End of round 82 132.4
    End of round 83 133.4
    End of round 84 133
    End of round 85 131.6
    End of round 86 133.0
    End of round 87 134.8
    End of round 88 132.8 (2 pounds lost)
    End of round 89 138.2 (+5.4 pounds gained)
    End of round 90 135 (3.2 pounds down)
    End of round 91 132.8 (2.2 pounds down from end of last round)
    End of round 92 133 (0.2 pound up from end of last round)
    End of round 93 135.6 (2.6 pounds up from end of last round)
    End of round 94 135.8 (0.2 pounds up from end of last round)
    End of round 95 134.4 (1.4 pounds down)
    End of round 96 134.4 (no loss no gain!!)
    End of round 97 135 (0.6 up from end of last round)
    End of round 98 133.4 (1.6 down from end of last round)
    End of round 99 134.4 (1 up from end of last; not bad for Christmas period!)
    End of round 100 133.4 (1 down from end of last round)
    End of round 101 137.2 (3.8 pounds up from last round)
    End of round 102 136 (1.2 pounds down from last round – not bad considering Dad unexpectedly passed away 3 days before end of round & I went totally off plan & no walking!)
    End of round 103 – 133.4 (2.6 pounds down from last round – better!)
    End of round 104 – 135 (0.6 up from end of last round)
    End of round 105 – 133.6 (1.4 down from end of last round)
    End of round 106 – 133.6 (same as last round)
    End of round 107 – 134.8 (1.2 pounds up from end of last round)
    End of round 108 – 134.2 (0.6 pounds down from end of last round)
    End of round 109 – 135.6 (1.4 pounds up from end of last round)
    End of round 110 – 133.2 ( 2.4 pounds down from end of last round)
    End of round 111 – 133.2 (same as last round)
    End of round 112 – 133.6 (increase of 0.4)
    End of round 113 – 132.8 (0.8 down from end of last round)
    End of round 114 – 136 (3.2 pounds up from end of last round)
    End of round 115 – 134.8 (1.2 pounds down from end of last round)
    End of round 116 – 133.4 (1.2 pounds down from end of last round)
    End of round 117 – 135.4 (2 pounds up from end of last round)
    End of round 118 – 136 (1.6 pounds up from end of last round)
    End of round 119 – 133.4 (2.6 pounds down :) )
    End of round 120 – 135.4 (2 pounds up :( )
    End of round 121 – 135.2 (0.2 pounds down)
    End of round 122 – 133.2 (1.8 pounds down)
    End of round 123 – 132.4 (0.8 pounds down)
    End of round 124 – 134.8 (2.4 pounds up :()
    End of round 125 – 135 (0.2 pounds up) – get a grip!!!
    Keep calm – we're all in this together! Wash hands, be kind and follow all latest Government guidelines for C-19 virus.

    09/14 135 – 10.19 miles walked yesterday, 731 calories in credit and all macros in green.
    09/15 134.2 – 10.62 miles walked yesterday, but all additional calories eaten :(.
    09/16 134.2 – 8.92 miles walked yesterday, 361 calories in credit, lunch out with my sisters, wanted a cream tea so one of my sisters shared a bacon, brie & cranberry bread roll and a cream tea rather than have a whole one of each :).
    KEEP SAFE EVERYONE :). Keep calm – we're all in this together!

    ?�゚マᄐ?マᄐ?�゚マᄐ This is NOT A DIET - It’s a PERMANENT LIFESTYLE. ?�゚マᄐ?�゚マᄐ

    Cranberry, bacon and Brie sounds like an amazing combo! Also, what is a cream tea? Is it what it sounds like... tea with cream rather than with milk or without milk. Excuse my American ignorance please :)

    Sorry for the delay in replying - I've been so busy over the last few days haven't been able to get here!!
    A cream tea is a scone served with cream (normally clotted cream, but can be normal double cream), strawberry jam and a cup of tea although I like mine with a coffee! It's an occasional treat!


    That looks heavenly!