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Closing diastasis recti (core muscle seperation) gap with exercises

tushitatravelloguetushitatravellogue Member Posts: 68 Member Member Posts: 68 Member
Has anyone had luck closing the diastatis recti gap with exercises.. I had a baby one year ago ..

I found the below ones on Google has anyone tried them :
1. Breathing with core muscles engaged
2. Single leg table top with core engaged
3. Single leg heel slides
4. Bridge
5. Side lying single leg raises with core engaged

Would be great to get feedback if someone had luck with these exercises or any other program that worked.


  • harper16harper16 Member Posts: 2,454 Member Member Posts: 2,454 Member
    If you haven't already please get clearance from your doctor before starting any program. You might end up doing more harm than good.
  • tushitatravelloguetushitatravellogue Member Posts: 68 Member Member Posts: 68 Member
    Ok then I wait until I can meet a physiotherapist.. patience it is !!!
    Unfortunately my doctor did not mention anything about diastasis recti and o learnt about it on my own .. I hv to wait until Jan (I go to a bigger city) and then I can consult a physiotherapist..
    Meanwhile I just wanted to hear if there are any success stories to stay positive ..
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  • BarbaraHelen2013BarbaraHelen2013 Member Posts: 1,217 Member Member Posts: 1,217 Member
    Disclaimer: my youngest (of 4) is 22 now so this is a long time ago, so I may well have forgotten some details)

    But...I remember being given some standard ‘early days’ exercises by the midwives and obstetricians over the years I was having my children. As far as I remember these were specifically intended to ‘gently’ pull things back together.

    I remember 3 exercises, which I can attempt to describe for you (incidentally, I still do these, fairly regularly, before I get out of bed - I definitely still notice a difference if I lapse from time to time!)

    1. Lie on your back, legs extended. Place your hands on your lower abdomen. Extend each leg in turn, without lifting it, stretching from the hip. Hold the maximum stretch for 3 secs each time, Repeat 15 times, each leg. You should be able to feel the movement in your lower abdomen, under your hands.

    2. Lie on your back, knees bent, again place your hands on you lower abdomen (it helps you isolate the muscles). Lower both legs sideways as far as you can, control the movement and hold for a couple of secs. 15 reps each side.

    3. The last one is a pelvic tilt (which I think is a form of Kegel exercise for the pelvic floor?)
    Again, on your back, knees bent, hands on abdomen, gently tense your tummy and pull up the pelvic floor, press the small of your back into the floor/mattress and imagine you are rolling into a ball, Most of the movement with this one is internal, so you’re really not rolling into a ball, just progressively tensing the muscles upwards. Hold for 10 secs or as long as you can to start with.

    I’ve probably not described these very well but maybe you can make some sense of it!

    There are some other things you should be aware of - do NOT attempt any form of sit-up or crunch at this point. 100% contra-indicated with Diastasis Recti.

    Also, try to remember to ‘log-roll’ when you get up from lying down - roll onto your side and use your hands to lift yourself up rather than trying to sit straight up from a prone position.
  • tushitatravelloguetushitatravellogue Member Posts: 68 Member Member Posts: 68 Member
    Yes it does make sense.. thank you so much for sharing.. . I will keep the tips in my mind. .
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